[Libs-Or] Free PBS Books Library Engagement Program Sign-Up with free Screening Opportunities and More...

Heather-Marie Montilla hmontilla at pbsbooks.org
Mon Apr 22 11:41:17 PDT 2019

Dear Colleague,
Last month, PBS Books announced its findings from its nationwide librarian
stakeholder survey and its Library Engagement Program launch, sponsored by
the Knight Foundation.  While we plan for a conference call in May to
explain PBS Books resources and offerings through the program, we've
already been offering opportunity to libraries across the country.   We'd
like to invite you to sign up to take advantage of being part of our
*FREE* Library
Engagement Program.

Currently, we are offering:
* Opportunity free screenings of PBS programming
*   -AMERICAN EXPERIENCE's Chasing the Moon (before July 8)*
   -AMERICAN EXPERIENCE's Stone Wall Riots
* Monthly Curated Booklists (an adults and youth list will be sent this
week focused on the Moon)
* Access to an archive of 650+ videos (lots of great videos on poetry still
in time for Poetry Month)
* Social Media Accelerator (crossposting ability and much more)
* Ability to take learn about livestreams related to books and the future
of libraries

If you are interested in signing up for the Library Engagement Program,
please sign up here:

Shortly after you sign up, I'll share with you additional information about
the *AMERICAN EXPERIENCE's Chasing the Moon* (before July 8), just in case
you are interested.

You can also read about  our plans for the Library Engagement Program at

I look forward to working with you.  Please email or call me with any
Happy Spring,

Heather-Marie Montilla
Library Bureau Chief
PBS Books
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