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Greetings and welcome to this week’s edition of Tech-Talk!

Stop wasting time looking for your mouse


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 This Week's Topic: WINDOWS
1. VIDEO ... QUICK TIP: Find Your Missing Mouse (Cursor / Pointer)
2. ARTICLE ... QUICK TIP: Find Your Missing Mouse (Cursor / Pointer)
3. COMMUNICATING ... Receiving praise ... three rules

[missing mouse]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001ztx7HOWs8t_y98_6BnsiApBkDh8XgdL2oqcA_wb8f8O6vA9dVd72R81W_cEUtyGOFkxlroBHMGYOYJywCU99R6GMvUrGXfH6PUhOdMYGCZjoZ4suUMwumv4TKKtAr5XofHEvye9jpUMz-E6NYqvsu6LwNS2EM4f_zCvSB4xQIKT2FH3nlgxrQuNgSd-UN4iv-kj_D0MJ9v4jpsa2w_CYpQ==&c=bq_00XMdFPfYgF2yWDv4IfesDvko4nCAot9FlEDKqTDqCFUm_7Qpqw==&ch=YteexLYSFmYL2jRfxn-kndzgnXt_kaswEXLimncZA9GEWj0eNTowRw==>

Photo by Ricky Kharawala<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001ztx7HOWs8t_y98_6BnsiApBkDh8XgdL2oqcA_wb8f8O6vA9dVd72R81W_cEUtyGOtCzdFJ8veW8hIGFr0p8kFWpgKpH6VcAXvx8Udism5sfUEr2gv-RxLmEXPzq7gtuGI6LEfvLi3_wYNTKpVNOKWDQSPoMeGyY7BSgXbWWO3eOgMikDDnAiKE2XnmXYNdxteXaXhypt3Wip6gBm4fqIL21qt235w4Tk4Zkp6kAcy-CndpV4JfBO1wM4h_jigsV9Z7nJvowLKr8SuQX5jgr9GA==&c=bq_00XMdFPfYgF2yWDv4IfesDvko4nCAot9FlEDKqTDqCFUm_7Qpqw==&ch=YteexLYSFmYL2jRfxn-kndzgnXt_kaswEXLimncZA9GEWj0eNTowRw==> on Unsplash<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001ztx7HOWs8t_y98_6BnsiApBkDh8XgdL2oqcA_wb8f8O6vA9dVd72R81W_cEUtyGO_PXlxHfrvjNJZiey5OxRQjcIcpYX6rmo4xXLtOTswtVxeME9rqSad2MDhXConDO3oxZsf9UX-cOXgPkaEauPLIneWwnOCwQ_Ef_LWTcpku3YfiaqW5tDueDQmoIUZCCPR9ZTYofBF3lHWA7aUKni2Ebe7e5rKCJPN4MnPn6Tog1wDIrmhGVHgscQXyapDq9La61DawuVe-QALtrc61ItuA==&c=bq_00XMdFPfYgF2yWDv4IfesDvko4nCAot9FlEDKqTDqCFUm_7Qpqw==&ch=YteexLYSFmYL2jRfxn-kndzgnXt_kaswEXLimncZA9GEWj0eNTowRw==>

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WINDOWS: Find Your Missing Mouse (Cursor / Pointer)

How often do you swirl your mouse (pointer) around to try and find your cursor? It's there somewhere, obviously. But where?

I do it all the time -- especially when working on multiple monitors. Where is that darn thing? It's a huge waste of time and so frustrating!

Well, now there's is a trick to finding it right away -- a simple keystroke.

[missing mouse]

Here's the secret: When you need to locate your mouse, just press the Control key - and release it.

Yes, the trick is in releasing the control key.

When you press the control key and then let go, a big circle shows up on your screen and then quickly gets smaller and smaller, focusing on the cursor.

Try it now ... just to see! Press control and then release it. Move your mouse around and try it again.

If you do this a couple of times, it will remain in your memory. That's it! Now you won't have to waste a minute or two trying to figure out where your cursor is.

NOTE: If you don't see the circle appear when you press and release the Ctrl key, then the keystroke needs to be "turned on." Activate it! (Try it first, you may have it already turned on. If not, keep reading!)

Activate the "Find my Mouse" Keystroke

For Windows 10 / 8 / 7

You need to turn on the feature that allows you to "find your mouse". To do this, you go into the mouse settings. Here are three simple ways to do that (one for each type of operating system.)


1. If you have Windows 10, in the search box type "mouse settings" and select that from the top of the list.

2. In Windows 8, Click the Windows icon in the lower left and select the Settings option (gear shape), and click on Devices, then Mouse from the left column.

3. In Windows 7, go to the Control Panel, select Mouse.

·     In Windows 10 and 8, from the Settings window, at the right under Related settings, select Additional mouse options.

[mouse settings]

In all versions:

·     In the Mouse Properties dialog, select the Pointer Options tab at the top (not Pointer, but Pointer Options).

·     Check the box "Show location of pointer when I press the CTRL key" and click OK.

[pointer options]

Now your mouse location pointer is turned on.

When you need to locate your mouse, just press the Control key - and release it!


Communication: Receiving Praise
Three rules for accepting compliments

Yeah, it's your day! Someone has paid you a compliment. They've praised you in some way.

Maybe it was for a job well done or for a consistently positive attitude that brightens people's day. It makes you feel good, right?

Rule #1: Accept it!

Don't minimize a compliment, or deflect it, or even disagree with it ... as if you didn't deserve it. Just enjoy it! Whether you agree with it or not, it's how they feel, so it's valid.

Rule #2: First, say, "Thank you"

Yes, remember to say "Thank you" first ... before you say anything else. Recognize they have given you a compliment and show your appreciation.

Rule #3: Next, ask, "What makes you say that?"

This is a hard one to remember, but when you do, and you ask this question, you'll get gold. No matter why you think they said it, I guarantee you it's not what they think.

Asking "What makes you say that" (after saying thank you, so it doesn't sound challenging, but rather inquisitive) will let them tell you what was behind the compliment.

Just try it. I bet you'll be surprised every time. It feels good!

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