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Colleen Sanders is a Part-Time Reference Librarian at Clackamas Community
College. Please download and read her latest article, “Let Us Get You Into
College: Community College Librarians, Barnes & Noble, and OER,” here:

>From Colleen’s article, “Clackamas Community College (CCC) became the first
Oregon community college to contract with Barnes & Noble Education (BNED)
for bookstore services in July 2018. The college-run bookstore’s
contribution to the general fund was shrinking with each budget cycle,
whereas BNED guaranteed a minimum annual commission of $200,000. This
article describes the steps CCC librarians took to influence the contract
after discovering objectionable language including, but not limited to,
faculty use of Open Educational Resources (OER) and linking to OER in the
learning management system (LMS). The librarians' advocacy has shed light
on the need to ask fundamental questions about the purpose of a college
bookstore, especially at a community college with an equity- and
access-driven mission. Is a bookstore a core student service or a
profit-generating enterprise? … This article intends to support colleagues
who find themselves in a similar situation; a likely scenario, given that
the contract includes language indicating other Oregon colleges may re-use
it without a request for proposals.”

Please use some of the energy you received from the conference to learn
what Colleen and CCC librarians did by showing up and asking questions of
their administration. Major changes are afoot in the world of information,
and Oregon colleges and libraries now will have more say about their place
in that world because of the work described in this article.  Thank you,

Thank you,
Charles Wood
OLA Communications
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