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Greetings and welcome to this week’s edition of Tech-Talk!
Use different Headers & Footers in your document


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 This Week's Topic: WORD / Google Docs
1. VIDEO ... Create Section Headers & Footers
2. ARTICLE ... Create Section Headers & Footers
3. COMMUNICATING ... End with the positive


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WORD / Google Docs - Create Section Headers & Footers

I was writing a report in Word that had ten different sections. I wanted the title of each section to also be displayed in the footer -- so when the reader transitioned to a new part of the document, the footer would display as well.

I know I can easily have a different header or footer on the first page (or none at all), but how do you create 2, 10 or even 20 different headers or footers in the same document?

By default, when you set up a header or footer in a Word or Google doc, the same content is displayed on each page throughout.

[different headers and footers]

However, there may be times when your document requires a change in either the header or footer (or both) to help guide the reader through the content.

You can use this technique in:

·     A presentation or report with multiple sections
·     A book for the individual chapters
·     Any type of document that uses a Table of Contents

WORD: Three Ways to Create Section Headers and Footers

In Word you have a few different header and footer display options.

1. Different First Page: If you don't want a header or footer displayed on the first page, put your cursor in the header or footer area and in the Design tab under Options, click the Different First Page box and leave the header or footer space blank.

[headers and footers]

2. Different Odd & Even Pages: When you need the headers and footers on odd and even numbered pages to be different, put your cursor in the header or footer area of the odd or even page, create your first header/footer and check the box in the Design tab for Different Odd & Even Pages. Then go to the next odd or even page to add the second one.

Examples of where this technique could be used include: 1) long manuscript where you want a Chapter name on the odd pages and the Report name on the even, or 2) books where the page numbering needs to align on the outside edge as seen below:

[headers and footers]

3. Create Many Different Headers and Footers Within the Document: To create varied headers and footers throughout your document, there are three important steps to follow. We'll go into the details of each step, but the ideas to commit to memory are:

1.  Insert a new section break.
2.  Disconnect the link to previous header or footer.
3.  Add your header or footer for sections going forward.

[show hide]

NOTE: Anytime you insert "breaks" into a document it can be a bit tricky. So when you're working with section breaks, turn on the Show/Hide feature to display the "hidden" formatting features. This is found in the Home tab in the Paragraph section. You'll be able to "see" the inserted breaks and make any corrections/changes if needed. Be sure to disable this feature when you're done as the extra characters can be annoying to view.

IMPORTANT: Inserting section or page breaks can be tricky. To understand more about the nuances of them, read the article in the Tech-Talk database called The Difference Between A Page Break And Section Break<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001eee7bQ7M3BX_6WgxD-TDM2-amJ1vQbN5nLFjdnFhwGWKI8qn1M_7KXORlC99-lB6azl9jH9HyBpjZWLpQ56my43oxJ8uWhH9Cm-eW5ubIGeP1ZUfULsTpFmPTAXkJ_YlumNOCFmuD7B_KTOVtBiOFqp7oxvcDRvGH4pJY3zoHgoFD2LnEazNA5JJLqpD6YernfDd1oevGgUXyk7n8pR81PBscrU4Od0h&c=Eo3Jflt_qeL59oGXvFqmpiToejea5OHF2IHlRyQkNT4aJ6Jl68eWdg==&ch=NgsjUzFFZUxpRuOGfLJ4up5KfW2DgGcz5nkWUVUXMJMvZ1aQNZYWNw==>.

To create multiple (and varied) headers and footers...

[section break]

Step 1:

First, you need to add a section break. Typically, this would be at the bottom just before the page where you want the next header or footer to begin. So if you want a new header on page four, you would place your cursor at the bottom of page three.

·     On the page before you want the new header/footer to be displayed, go to the Layout (or Page Layout) tab and in the Page Setup section click Breaks and under Section Breaks, choose Next Page.

Step 2:

·     Double-click your cursor in either the header or footer area at the top or bottom of the page where you want new text to be displayed.

·     IMPORTANT: In the highlighted Header & Footer tab, click the Link to Previous button to "un-link" it from the previous header or footer.


Step 3:

·     Now that you have un-linked your header or footer text to what is on the page before it, you can type in the new header or footer content for that page -- and pages going forward.

·     Each page following this will have the updated header or footer for the new section that was created.

·     If you want to make more changes to headers or footers in additional pages in your document, follow Steps 1, 2 & 3 again for each new "section" or new header footer area.

Now when we look at the headers in pages 2 and 3, they are different!

[headers and footers]

Google Docs: Different Headers and Footers

Yes, you can put headers and footers in Google Docs. And you can have the first page (the cover) be a different. But, currently, there is no option to have every page with a different header ... as you can in Word to create such things as chapter headings.

Here's how you create headers and footers in Google Docs.

Add a header or footer

·     Inside your Google Doc, either click inside header or footer area, or from the menu, click Insert Header & page number and make a selection.

·     Enter the text into the header or footer area.

·     For a different first page header or footer, check Different first page header/footer.

[Google Doc header and footer]


Communication: Listening
Lead and end with the positive

If you want to create a positive environment, pay attention to how you start and how you end sentences. The last thing people hear or read leaves the strongest impression.

Check these examples out and see which you makes you feel more optimistic.

For example, you want to explain how Google Docs doesn't have the complete flexibility for creating headers as does MS Word.

You could say...
"There is no option to have different headers and footers in Google Docs,
but you can have a different one on the first page."

Or, to be more positive, you could write...
"Yes, you can put headers and footers in Google Docs ...
and you can have the first page be a different.
There is however no option to have every page
with a different header... at the moment."

Another example: You're asking for feedback. You hope that everything is fine and that no changes are needed. So end with the positive. Let that linger in their minds.

Please review the material and let me know if it's OK or needs any modifications.
Please review the material and let me know if it needs modifying or is OK as is.

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