[Libs-Or] OLA Quarterly Author Showcase: Dawn Lowe-Wincentsen, OIT

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Mon Jan 7 13:58:56 PST 2019

Dawn Lowe-Wincentsen is the Interim Director of Libraries at Oregon
Institute of Technology. Please download and read her latest article,
“Followership, or Leading Up in Libraries in Brief,” here:

>From Dawn’s article, “In the 2008 text, *The Art of Followership, *Chaleff,
Riggio, and Lippman-Blumen lay out five traits of effective followers:
courage to assume responsibility, courage to serve, courage to challenge,
courage to participate, and courage to take moral action. In his 2015
text, *Followership:
What It Takes to Lead, *James Schindler lists four attributes that
successful followership is built on: belief in the mission, willingness to
work toward the good of the whole, loyalty, and unity of focus.
Authenticity also plays a part in both leadership and followership. As a
follower, being authentic can help a person be intentional and help them
guide leadership with confidence (Schindler, 2015). Leaders do not have all
the power (Kean and Haycock-Stuart, 2011). One needs followers to lead.”

Please read on for a unique take on how to create a space for yourself at
work in Oregon libraries. And to apply for LIOLA 2019, see:

Thank you,
Charles Wood
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