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 This Week's Topic: SOFTWARE
1. VIDEO ... I'm A OneNote Convert (Mostly) Part I of II
2. ARTICLE ... I'm A OneNote Convert (Mostly) Part I of II
3. COMMUNICATING ... Listening, Actively


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SOFTWARE - I’m A OneNote Convert (Mostly) Part I of II

OK, let’s just put it out there … OneNote is not easy to love the first time you try it.

Why? Because it doesn't look like or act like any of the rest of the Office Suite family. It behaves differently. It's organized differently. It even saves differently. But I'm finding that if you give it a try, it can be very useful.


A Subscriber Story

We recently received an email from one of our subscribers (an educational service organization) asking for more on OneNote. The problem for them is that a number of team leaders are using it, but the team members are getting confused. This is because very often when they open OneNote, it looks different from what they've seen before, so they don't know how to proceed.

As a result, our subscriber asked to have the first OneNote from April 2015 re-issued, this time with a video and to follow it with a second article … for more insight into how to make this powerful tool work, including some new bells and whistles and new examples.

We believe OneNote can be quite useful (once you "get it"), so we think a two-part series is well worth it. (And besides, we always say yes to any of our readers' requests.)

Little Known OneNote

Have you ever noticed that OneNote software was installed on your computer? It's on most peoples at work, but many are not sure what it does or how it can help.

This tool had been dubbed "one of the best software programs that no one is using..." that is until Microsoft made it free, with versions available for most every platform (web, desktop, tablets, smartphones).

So just what is OneNote? It is software you get with Microsoft Office or as a singular download.


It is considered an information-management program. It was designed for capturing ideas, making lists, clipping content from the web and more. It's a tool that lets you have a place to gather, organize and store content... and then share it easily with others.

NOTE: By the way, if you've heard of the web-based tool called Evernote, that's a similar type program to OneNote.

How it Works

Before we talk about the many ways you can use OneNote, it's important to understand a bit of what the software can do and how it works.

OneNote is different from other MS programs such as Word or Excel because of its structure. In your computer, you have folders and subfolders. Inside these are your documents, pictures and files.


But OneNote's hierarchy is more like a physical notebook ... a loose-leaf binder with dividers and pages.

So, when you first open the software, the top level provides one or more Notebooks (or Binders) ... for major categories such as Work, Personal or a Project.
Inside are tabs called Sections (Dividers). While you can write on what is considered the Section "cover" (and most people do), sections are really designed to hold your information in the form of multiple Pages.

NOTE: Because OneNote keeps changing with each version of Microsoft Office software, you'll see the Notebooks, Sections, and Pages in different places.
For instance, the Notebook tabs are sometimes down the left of the screen, with the Pages down the right. Other times, they're all clustered at the top. Again, it varies with the different programs.

TIP:  If you're working in several versions at the same time, just take a minute to re-orient yourself to the basic layout.

In the example below, the Notebooks are in the dropdown menu (choose one at a time) and Section tabs go across the top.


In this next example, Notebooks are in a list on the left, with the Section tabs listed vertically when you select one of the Notebooks.


When you first open the software, you will be given one or more default Notebooks set up for you (e.g. Personal or Work). You can use these or create your own. It doesn't really matter which way you start.

How to Do the Basics

Let’s get started…

·     To add a new Notebook, if you’re using the 2016 version, click on the plus (+) sign in the lower left of your screen. In other versions, click on the drop-down arrow next to your default Notebook that is open -- the one to the very left. Then click on Add Notebook.
·     To make a new Section in that Notebook, in 2016, click on the plus (+) sign at the bottom called Sections. In other versions, click on the Section tab on the right with the plus (+) sign.
·     And do the same process to create a new Page in any Section, at the bottom (or in the right column pane), click on the (+) symbol that says Page (or Add Page).

In the example below, the RED boxes show you where you can find each item in the Vertical layout.

[OneNote 2016]

And in this example of the Horizontal layout, you can see where the RED items are.


Start Adding Notes

Once you have your structure created, you can add content to the Pages. OneNote is very free-form. You can just start typing anywhere in the page and an instant text box is created.

In the Desktop version of OneNote you can also...


·     Use the Insert menu to add file attachments, an image, or you can even create a table in the page.
·     Play around with Draw and use one of the pens or shapes to draw your thoughts onto the paper.
·     Add content from a website page. To do this, OneNote has an add-in (or a Chrome extension) that you can get for free:


·     Use the "Clipper" (a button that appears in your Internet browser which lets you take chunks from a web page in one click to add to your Notebook).
·     Search to find content within your Notebooks.
·     Connect your Outlook to OneNote so that tasks and appointments will be synced to the calendar.
·     Share Pages with colleagues. It's as easy as clicking the Email Page on the Home tab and all of the content from that page will be sent to whomever you choose.

TIP: OneNote doesn't have a Save button -- it automatically keeps your pages on an ongoing basis in the background.

NOTE: OneNote for Windows 10 started with fewer functions than other versions, but it offered more connectivity. As time goes by, Microsoft adds-in some of the Desktop functionality as demand from users is identified.

Versions of OneNote

If you think you might want to start using this software, you may already have it installed on your computer. Or if you don't, Microsoft has made this a free web-based program available for all of your devices: PCs, Mac, iPad, Tablets, and Smart Phones. Just go to https://www.onenote.com/download<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001kO3HCFLvNST6HdxMdrTiGQw7p0sNfnpK224ivNdSCepo0FYqgC0NntbOoFOXjKVJDYKQ-c-fWRUkD4nRaSLMXiSfx_BFKf607u97-rO3umia59wINfcbL6bUX1hbrRk3dEdCqaORmF2YaxHj7PNQJduHVBefT2PH&c=zRuov-HrC02-xc3ecmrqJSj1-fwCJfhIOt3wT0m-_NOc5voqeXYHVw==&ch=Bp5sPzueitDQvdsUa_RVrcgqi6qwFe7s5o1lv_QbFo3kx6K_Sz2DZQ==> and download a copy.

There are three different installations of this program:

1. Desktop --You can use the software that is installed on your computer. Since it has been around for several years, you may have version 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016. However, if you can download the latest for free at https://www.onenote.com<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001kO3HCFLvNST6HdxMdrTiGQw7p0sNfnpK224ivNdSCepo0FYqgC0NntbOoFOXjKVJzeS7HTdE7wjnF3KF9XowXyY7DKbPCBx5FJ10QyvlgRe6FBysxZvEfawoon5mFbjSMvWf02abDtZoeuRW9PMBGg==&c=zRuov-HrC02-xc3ecmrqJSj1-fwCJfhIOt3wT0m-_NOc5voqeXYHVw==&ch=Bp5sPzueitDQvdsUa_RVrcgqi6qwFe7s5o1lv_QbFo3kx6K_Sz2DZQ==>/Download<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=0014uEngCikq6tWmc--8oB3aV6Q7ZOkwHmNWBZVi2JbNf8dhMlg34NquVgGjv2130TGwsQCbY3wXfeHqSE3BGVehZIx7WjQkssTjP1X3ow3ELJXkGaJctnlYg==>.

2. Web – You can also sign up for the free web version. You can save files to your OneDrive account, or to your desktop. With the web version you can sign in and use this tool from any computer or device, anywhere. However the web-based version is not as fully featured as the desktop software, yet still very effective.


3. Desktop & Web - And if you have a Microsoft account, you can connect your OneNote to it to be able to save/sync your files to your OneDrive (storage) account which makes it easy to share with others.

Don't have a Microsoft account? The good news is that you can sign up for free!

Why Use OneNote?

So why would you want to use this software instead of just gathering information in a Word document?

OneNote is a place to store all of your notes on all the different aspects of your job (and life). The tremendous power of this software is that it can sync across all of your devices -- from your desktop computer at work, to your laptop at home, to your smartphone -- so you have access to your notes when you need them. Just as you can access social media (like Facebook) from a computer or smartphone, you can view your OneNote content also this way.

Ideas for Using OneNote at Work


·     Gather all Project notes in one place -- contacts, to-do lists, meeting notes.
·     Use it for any type of research you need to do in writing a report or white paper -- it will automatically grab the source link for you when you copy content from the web.
·     Do you find it easier to "speak" instead of type? From the Insert tab, click the Record Audio - or Record Video button and start talking! The recording will be saved on that page so you can go back to it later.
·     Use the scan feature to capture your travel receipts.
·     Traveling for work? Scan or "clip" your important data to a page. This way if you need your airline tickets, hotel or car reservation, with your phone you can open up these critical files when you need them later.
·     Integrate OneNote with one of the many free apps available, for example, with Office Lens you can take a picture at a meeting of the whiteboard or notes on an easel. Then you can add them to a OneNote page to save, create to-do's for, or even type right on the image. To get this app at no charge, for desktop, go to this link<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001kO3HCFLvNST6HdxMdrTiGQw7p0sNfnpK224ivNdSCepo0FYqgC0NntbOoFOXjKVJ8DNfhScYEjrU5smklcBT-kLSlrGt2FouB_DKHzRknujZBbTsqkJDss8S8BfmeBqSGXhVEXIa1RMvi4Lvbw0DPoT2GVXN1m-IreR6j6WgUPhaG3ROj_uk2YPUw2695oWFY1nweb-yA58XioxFstskyIl_nVjJGHZMeua-03MapSJPI9BjFJcacQ==&c=zRuov-HrC02-xc3ecmrqJSj1-fwCJfhIOt3wT0m-_NOc5voqeXYHVw==&ch=Bp5sPzueitDQvdsUa_RVrcgqi6qwFe7s5o1lv_QbFo3kx6K_Sz2DZQ==> or look for it in our smartphones app store.

Want to Use OneNote at Home?


·     Lists, lists, lists! If you keep a grocery list in a Notebook, you can add items to it from your desk at work, your tablet at home, and then view it at the store from your smartphone!
·     Start your own Notebook for Recipes. Instead of printing out favorites from sites like FoodNetwork.com, just use the clipper and add them to a page in your Recipe Notebook.
·     Gather notes on trip planning -- from hotels, car rentals, and excursions.

People use OneNote in so many ways -- find what works for you!


Communication: Listening
How actively are you engaged in the discourse?

Suppose you are engaging in a conversation where the other person is doing most of the talking.

Does that mean you're actually listening?

You could be agreeing, commenting or even making "listening sounds," but how actively are you involved? How convincing are you as a listener?

If the situation is volatile or emotional, it's especially important to listen actively and to convey your sincere intent to hear what is being said.

Two techniques you can use is to: 1) test your understanding (clarify) and 2) summarize what you've heard. Here are some examples:

Testing Your Understanding (Clarifying What You Heard)

·     Are you saying we need to follow up with a memo to everyone?
·     Did you mean we all should be present to start the program?
·     I’m not sure these numbers add up right -- do they include the Literacy Group?

Summarizing (Listing What Has Been Said)

·     Now that we've outlined all of the pros and cons of the issue, discussed our individual positions, and made our proposal, it seems we're ready to put everything into motion.
·     So we've decided to identify a speaker, promote the program with social media and gather satisfaction feedback after the event.
·     You want to include children in the planning, keep the target at age 14 and below, and make the promotional materials colorful.

When You Click on the Images Below, Use This Login...

Your Username: ORLIBTECH
Your Password: ORLIBTECH


[Ask a question]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001kO3HCFLvNST6HdxMdrTiGQw7p0sNfnpK224ivNdSCepo0FYqgC0NnlCx7m_D0r3NfLpYEhuiI5X1kI8Sb9NFFo27u0rNcpeA_QXFymJcw2y6MENm-e6_b0MDl1i09DLKOa82tXXXD1l4otD_ZNKjoAjGOwoTzJ-hg69oqvF5ZpI=&c=zRuov-HrC02-xc3ecmrqJSj1-fwCJfhIOt3wT0m-_NOc5voqeXYHVw==&ch=Bp5sPzueitDQvdsUa_RVrcgqi6qwFe7s5o1lv_QbFo3kx6K_Sz2DZQ==>

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