[Libs-Or] Tech-Talk: GOOGLE - Google Maps Isn't Just for Getting Directions

Darci Hanning darci.hanning at state.or.us
Tue Jan 22 14:18:34 PST 2019


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 This Week's Topic: GOOGLE
1. VIDEO ... Google Maps Isn't Just for Getting Directions
2. ARTICLE ... Google Maps Isn't Just for Getting Directions
3. COMMUNICATING ... Go back and take out words

[Google Maps]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001Kss6A9hG7fPGOs3pJgecyxGB02QE-GDQKaaB5W-m_OR9ZXGP9nuWJGdak0MrZbo6nQByVvAMk8veFw_tSRsp7UWIU-SsyTKNoP4R2lDdB7nySrNeGxE1FQimXjpLhHr7sE1z0FXaKihzUniUypYyKCxxlK54JQvXXMs5rg8C7ze_8mzj6w_QVQcWgybAJ6rJdn3CooVOn0UKMFp0pVDAvFCyHOgiI0RS&c=Cg9hDcVYd8-srsIoP-d_95dKYIPfT8gw_ObMz3Po1pRBjUZ4e9nQpA==&ch=vA-z-2kso2_T8JPY7W6aGdZBAMOntP-kTLlPZFYO6t6aIDldPSdwHw==>

Photo by Deanna Ritchie<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001Kss6A9hG7fPGOs3pJgecyxGB02QE-GDQKaaB5W-m_OR9ZXGP9nuWJGdak0MrZbo6A0hEzQwEt4u_B_z0rdqomB2AjV8OgckWGLljUt4O5LVu0BsRlT5iAcQCcFB_9PCCV_dUjhf0XGsz7T7A72WKX_q7Sm9iDcI7tvZnHH9Xt5vKxc1hn0_EQEJEasOWRZb5fC2knydXo_yVE4Lm58L65XWnjcHDNvTm0YIb-Lz03_17A8pkcQUI9cLrZYiUEROB9X863nyqLJwJQwNYVmXj6A==&c=Cg9hDcVYd8-srsIoP-d_95dKYIPfT8gw_ObMz3Po1pRBjUZ4e9nQpA==&ch=vA-z-2kso2_T8JPY7W6aGdZBAMOntP-kTLlPZFYO6t6aIDldPSdwHw==> on Unsplash<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001Kss6A9hG7fPGOs3pJgecyxGB02QE-GDQKaaB5W-m_OR9ZXGP9nuWJGdak0MrZbo63cTAa8l8ja9v5WUfGmIC-AeSijAMIBBS-gzSVyw0KhelKRiX_Ct4nokLpaB425gozfwk1Fy9gJbTxp6MyD_rwvt5dI2gQqwJSN3lxGD68J7SwcbMmywwNpqKOv8UF58f5eVgGtWAlDwcm9lZYb3rT0Sx2dLwrWTHbDUMlOtgtpJfYKyRLG1aBGJ_9DLBeRXPDCdn3pHEL3JIXIpKN7-kvAUGuoQEHnxJ&c=Cg9hDcVYd8-srsIoP-d_95dKYIPfT8gw_ObMz3Po1pRBjUZ4e9nQpA==&ch=vA-z-2kso2_T8JPY7W6aGdZBAMOntP-kTLlPZFYO6t6aIDldPSdwHw==>

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GOOGLE - Google Maps Isn't Just for Getting Directions


OK, one day a Tech-Talk reader asked us for a tool where he could: 1) Create a map, 2) Edit the text and 3) Print it out.

After looking at several options, we recommended Google Maps. While you may use the app on your smartphone for directions, the desktop version offers many more uses and flexibility.

As in our example image here, you can add locations with pinpoint markers, zoom in and out, save, export, print, or add to a web page.

[add locations]

Create Your Own Map

To create a map that you want to save and access later:

1.  Make sure you are signed into your Google account.
2.  Go to mymaps.google.com<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001Kss6A9hG7fPGOs3pJgecyxGB02QE-GDQKaaB5W-m_OR9ZXGP9nuWJGdak0MrZbo6OiHK-BQzo5dQelLF7LRFO_0IBOTfrjhK1FxUFcnSWouJc9vRCo2ZcobCULx6LJahr4ddXZuZXUHT4JGJPd7O9A==&c=Cg9hDcVYd8-srsIoP-d_95dKYIPfT8gw_ObMz3Po1pRBjUZ4e9nQpA==&ch=vA-z-2kso2_T8JPY7W6aGdZBAMOntP-kTLlPZFYO6t6aIDldPSdwHw==> (if you're not signed into your Google account, you'll be prompted to do so).
3.  Click on the red button to Create a New Map and give your map a name.

[Create a Map]

To add locations, you can start one of three different ways: 1) Type in an address and Google will add a marker for it, 2) Add a marker yourself by clicking on the map, or 3) Import a list of location addresses.

1. Type an address or name (like Golden Gate Bridge) into the search tool. Select the location from possibilities that Google my suggest, and then click the Add to map link. Your "map marker" will be added.

[Google Map]

2. Click the "Add marker" icon (in the row below the search bar). Your cursor will turn into cross-hairs (+). Click anywhere in the map to add the new location. A window will open where you will give it a name. Click Save to add it to your map.

[add marker]

3. Import a list of location addresses from a file -- like a spreadsheet. If you have a whole list of locations you want to add, they can be uploaded to your map. This tool does not accept Excel files, so be sure to save your spreadsheet as .csv. Other types of formats you can import and the specifications can be found here<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001Kss6A9hG7fPGOs3pJgecyxGB02QE-GDQKaaB5W-m_OR9ZXGP9nuWJGdak0MrZbo69huDclauE4J_ZzaucrkGxKOm3rjN7wq_nIWtah-u384T0zuE4_9p0NpuCMe4aDD2DkL3hOdoVwPJW5chSm1xNBHAPx4U79CxFEy1kybkEQMqld04NeNGopog3EgFt3MBo5v7l5kCVRhxayomL7N2ViHmDwGolZO1&c=Cg9hDcVYd8-srsIoP-d_95dKYIPfT8gw_ObMz3Po1pRBjUZ4e9nQpA==&ch=vA-z-2kso2_T8JPY7W6aGdZBAMOntP-kTLlPZFYO6t6aIDldPSdwHw==>. BONUS! Watch the video<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001Kss6A9hG7fPGOs3pJgecyxGB02QE-GDQKaaB5W-m_OR9ZXGP9nuWJGdak0MrZbo6nQByVvAMk8veFw_tSRsp7UWIU-SsyTKNoP4R2lDdB7nySrNeGxE1FQimXjpLhHr7sE1z0FXaKihzUniUypYyKCxxlK54JQvXXMs5rg8C7ze_8mzj6w_QVQcWgybAJ6rJdn3CooVOn0UKMFp0pVDAvFCyHOgiI0RS&c=Cg9hDcVYd8-srsIoP-d_95dKYIPfT8gw_ObMz3Po1pRBjUZ4e9nQpA==&ch=vA-z-2kso2_T8JPY7W6aGdZBAMOntP-kTLlPZFYO6t6aIDldPSdwHw==> for this tip for a live demonstration on how to import a file.

Map Layers

When you create a map, Google automatically adds your map markers to a "Layer" -- naming it Untitled Layer. You can edit the Layer title by just clicking on it and entering a more descriptive name such as Member Locations.

Most of the time you will only need one layer, but you can add additional ones depending on how you want to organize your map.

For example, maybe you're sponsoring a large training event. In your map you may want different layers for:

·     The event venue
·     Near-by restaurants
·     Recommended hotels

You can use different colors (and icons) for each layer to help identify the pinpoints, as we have done in the image below.

[event map]

Add Map Layers

·     To Add a layer: Click the Add layer text. You'll be prompted to add a name. Add new markers to that layer.
·     To Delete a layer: Next to the layer title, click on the three vertical dots and select Delete this layer.

TIP: You can make quick changes to the markers in each layer by clicking on the three vertical dots and selecting Open Data Table and then making edits.

Edit a Marker

The map automatically adds a lot of location detail such as physical address and includes the geographical latitude and longitude. You can edit this information to your heart's delight.

Just by clicking on the marker, you'll get choices of functionality, including edit. In our example, we've added "Top Contest Winner".


Print Your Map

[print map]

Once your map is ready, you can use it in different ways. In the question from our reader, he wanted to print it.

·     When viewing your map, click on the three vertical dots to the right of the name. In the drop-down window select Print map.

·     You will have printing options displayed like page orientation and output type.

More You Can Do: Embed a Map

Maybe you want to have a map displayed on your website ... perhaps of your organization's physical location(s) on a page. Or, if you're promoting an event, you may want to show a map of where the venue is located on the information or registration page.

NOTE: You don't have to be in "my maps" (logged into your account) for this unless you want to save the location for future use and edits.

[embed a map]

If you're not logged into your account, to create your map:

·     Open Google Maps, https://www.google.com/maps<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001Kss6A9hG7fPGOs3pJgecyxGB02QE-GDQKaaB5W-m_OR9ZXGP9nuWJGdak0MrZbo6aDrFu1upo3ELtzpy5nP6qlR5TQ5yWztZww7bcjbBZh3zf1f5EKKBNbLossYwC6LRmELPJgFEy1XrZEsDPbXULg==&c=Cg9hDcVYd8-srsIoP-d_95dKYIPfT8gw_ObMz3Po1pRBjUZ4e9nQpA==&ch=vA-z-2kso2_T8JPY7W6aGdZBAMOntP-kTLlPZFYO6t6aIDldPSdwHw==>.

·     Add the address of the location that you would like to display in the search bar.

·     In the top left, click Menu link (3 horizontal bars) and click the Share or embed map link.

·     In the window that opens, select the Embed a map link.
·     To the left of the embed code, choose the size you want by clicking the down arrow and select Small, Medium, Large or Custom Size.
·     Click the Copy HTML link and paste the code to your website page.


If you're logged into your Google account and in your saved map locations area, mymaps.google.com<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001Kss6A9hG7fPGOs3pJgecyxGB02QE-GDQKaaB5W-m_OR9ZXGP9nuWJGdak0MrZbo6OiHK-BQzo5dQelLF7LRFO_0IBOTfrjhK1FxUFcnSWouJc9vRCo2ZcobCULx6LJahr4ddXZuZXUHT4JGJPd7O9A==&c=Cg9hDcVYd8-srsIoP-d_95dKYIPfT8gw_ObMz3Po1pRBjUZ4e9nQpA==&ch=vA-z-2kso2_T8JPY7W6aGdZBAMOntP-kTLlPZFYO6t6aIDldPSdwHw==>:

[embed link]

·     Select the map you want to embed.

·     Click the three vertical dots next to the map name on the right and select Embed on my site.

·     If your map was not made public, you'll be prompted to "click the share button to allow others to view it."

·     After you've made your map public, click the Embed on my site link again and copy the HTML code for your website.


Communication: Writing
Take out words

No matter what you write (an email, a speech, a presentation), there is always room for crisping it up ... taking out excess words.

When you can shorten sentences, while keeping the clarity of the message, the reader will be able to get your message more easily.


·     You can pick up flyers and brochures on our new programs at any of our twelve branches.

·     You can pick up flyers on our new programs at any of our branches.

So, do you really miss any important information by slimming the message? Does it feel as if you internalized the point more easily with the second version? Read them both again, and see if you notice a difference.

So, when you go back to check your writing before sending or publishing it, look for ways to take out unnecessary words.


[Ask a question]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001Kss6A9hG7fPGOs3pJgecyxGB02QE-GDQKaaB5W-m_OR9ZXGP9nuWJIgvMTnGV_hdNkN-NtLcY9khn_SGB0Dwus81Rhy6dAoQt8uBFkLYIAiPFaTqVGAMpeTYCfRhwz19_eLu4hFFKUZSlgkpA3sBRD3EZhqOXj6hlzhWlKs9uh0=&c=Cg9hDcVYd8-srsIoP-d_95dKYIPfT8gw_ObMz3Po1pRBjUZ4e9nQpA==&ch=vA-z-2kso2_T8JPY7W6aGdZBAMOntP-kTLlPZFYO6t6aIDldPSdwHw==>

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