[Libs-Or] Patron accommodation question

JOHNSON Kristynn V KJohnson at eugene-or.gov
Wed Jan 30 13:27:30 PST 2019

Hi All,

Thank you for all of your great advice and ideas.

I kind of read something else into the patron request.

The way I read the patron request was in the vein of having a regular program similar to Sensory Storytime or such like.

I thought, Wow, that would be cool, shut the wifi down for an hour and advertise it to the public as something like "Bye Bye wifi: an hour once a month for patrons avoiding wifi" (intentionally avoiding the disability language)  Or call it “old timey hour” or something funny, adding to the publicity that the wifi will not be available that hour. There may be no real need to call the electromagnetic sensitivity aspect out directly.

From past experience I gather that the logistics of such a shut-down are not very easy at all in our library.

If it were easy, I think it would be a great program and would probably garner good participation. I know some new parents are concerned about this sensitivity developing for their children from exposure and others who consider themselves affected could benefit.  Might be worth asking IT folks about.

Thank you everyone for your thoughts,

What a great group of minds!



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We have a patron with the following request:

I suffer from a condition called Electro Hypersensitivity, also called microwave sickness. Many others also suffer from this condition (Alan DeBoer's wife is one). When in the presence of a strong wifi signal, my symptoms of ringing in the ears (tinnitus) and headaches worsen.

I am requesting there are days and times when wifi is turned off for people like me. I LOVE reading and have checked out many books from the library.

Have any of you encountered similar requests? How would you handle this situation?

Kari May
Library Director
Jackson County Library Services
205 S. Central Ave. Medford, OR 97501
[Jackson County Library Services Logo]

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