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 This Week's Topic: DESKTOP
1. VIDEO ... Do You Know When to Double and Triple Click?
2. ARTICLE ... Do You Know When to Double and Triple Click?
3. COMMUNICATING ... Add extra words

[video link]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001eQhMp-_1fEkNTsRj0IezkDX7R-Z3Ij9SFr2ap5GANToG8IXeG3fvE_233vkfe10nTnlm6ubkic31ZV1nhOzb8mMP8vT3TyGFv60M-OhtC1GO26YXTtNevq-8J1j6ky-FhJVKQM2oD5IDkHBiQl4EcUhwemAaoD13PYBWE32tPyxzWFvfXA8gf2KNNNSu0XUmN_2tkPWri54ZXSR7tIkxmw==&c=Xau3XNeWIvZ-VCcgT3Bzv31_-jmiUAwoSP22BnaEiZXh4NsGdUXqgA==&ch=ejwDjUqHYvaipKRSfT71pq2Wba59bz4k_UEG6qBCdHHQfvDx57ZkWg==>

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DESKTOP - Do You Know When to Double and Triple Click?


I'm in front of a group of eager non-techies who were fairly advanced with their computer knowledge … sharing technology tips. I ask the audience if they know when to double or triple click.

Frankly, I am surprised that only a few hands are raised. Whoa, that means that even many advanced users aren't taking advantage of this clever and fast highlighting technique.

So let's take a look at a few clicking and keyboard shortcuts you can use to save you loads of time!

Quick Highlighting

Select text quickly. You know that certain movements or clicks with your mouse within a document can result in an easy way to select text.

For example, you may want to highlight a word or a whole sentence, but when you use your mouse to select a particular section, it takes a while to get it just right and the results may not always be what you intended, with missed letters or words.

Instead of spending more time than you want moving your mouse to each and every change in your text, take a look at some quick shortcuts for highlighting.

1.  A word
2.  A paragraph
3.  A sentence
4.  A specific section of text
5.  All content within a document or website screen
6.  A single line of text

NOTE: These tricks work almost everywhere: in office applications (documents, slides, spreadsheets), on website pages, in emails – any type of text that you view on your screen.

To Select:



Double-click anywhere within the word.


2. TRIPLE CLICK: Paragraph of Text

Triple-click (rapidly) anywhere within the paragraph.

[Ctrl click]

3. CTRL + CLICK: Sentence

Place your cursor anywhere in the sentence, hold down the Ctrl key and click once.

[Shift click]

4. SHIFT + CLICK: Specific Section of Text

Place your cursor at the start of the selection, hold the Shift key down and then click at the end of the text you would like to select.

[Ctrl A]

5. CTRL + A: All Content

To get all the text within a document, hold down the Ctrl key and click the letter A (remember it by "A" is for "All").

6. POINT + CLICK: A Line of Text

Move your mouse pointer to the left margin beside the text until it changes to an arrow and then click your mouse.

[a line of text]

The best way to learn these shortcuts is to practice a few times until it becomes second nature.


Communication: Writing
Add extra words

Sure, we suggested last week that you "take out words" in your writing ... that you should go back in an email, report or presentation and remove any text that wasn't really necessary.

This time, we're telling you the opposite! What gives?

Actually, both techniques work ... and are used in two different types of situations.

When we talk about going back and adding words, we're thinking about the times when you want to engage the reader. You want to sound conversational. You want to add a few words that they wouldn't expect in writing, but they might hear if you were just talking to them.

You see it here, in this article. We added the words "sure" (1st para), "what gives" (2nd para) and "actually" (3rd para).

You see how it softens the text? Be brave and look for ways to more fully engage your readers when you're writing to them buy adding some informality in your words.


[Ask a question]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001eQhMp-_1fEkNTsRj0IezkDX7R-Z3Ij9SFr2ap5GANToG8IXeG3fvE7uBGF0eTmGkSEvi4Fe5Ya3oHxYByXhmsV51PRqDLvvo6RX1JxG7XOP8xfoZbUlN24Fv-iJI9pqVnePZJo9zvcm6bXTdfovL-8I_XQcAeyGbBYWtfgKLVjw=&c=Xau3XNeWIvZ-VCcgT3Bzv31_-jmiUAwoSP22BnaEiZXh4NsGdUXqgA==&ch=ejwDjUqHYvaipKRSfT71pq2Wba59bz4k_UEG6qBCdHHQfvDx57ZkWg==>

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