The spring 2011 issue of

Etude: The Journal of Literary Nonfiction

is here

In this issue…

CATHERINE RYAN chronicles the farm-to-table life of Little Chris, a heritage hog.

LESLIE FULBRIGHT follows a military counter-recruiter on her rounds.

ED BULL navigates the terrain between a good story and a good heart.

DEVIN FELIX details a dying breed: the neighborhood bookstore.

In LISTEN UP, our audio feature, Pulitzer Prize-winning Los Angeles food writer JONATHAN GOLD talks about the place of the professional critic in a world overpopulated by citizen Yelpers.

In WIDE ANGLE, our multimedia feature, ROBERT DYKE’s quietly stunning photos show us a man and his adoring (wildlife) public.


In the Q & A, Three Cups of Tea co-author DAVID OLIVER RELIN tells Michael Werner about his reporting methods for the controversial book and his relationship with Greg Mortenson.

JAIME KARNES goes searching for J.D. Salinger – and finds something else.

KATHLEEN WILLETT compares biography and memoir.

PETER LAUFER gives us a glimpse of his reporting methods.

Our thoughtful reviewers offer insight on eight new works of narrative nonfiction, from Cleopatra to the Rajneeshis.  


Etude is published quarterly by the Literary Nonfiction program at the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication. As always, we encourage and invite your comments. Use the “contact us” link on the magazine’s website. Look for our SUMMER issue on August 1. Enjoy all our back issues, archived at our site.