Yes, I have posted about National Information Literacy Month on our library Facebook pages on the People for Oregon Libraries Facebook page and am currently using the badge as my picture on Facebook.  My Board asked that I send an article to the newspapers about the month as well.
Let's get the word out.

On Wed, Oct 3, 2012 at 10:01 AM, Jennifer Maurer <> wrote:

As you probably know by now, October is Information Literacy Month (ILM) in Oregon, as proclaimed by Governor Kitzhaber. Oregon’s awareness campaign is part of a bigger national focus. Hopefully you are planning a few activities or have some ideas about how to promote ILM.


A quick way to draw attention to the campaign is to add the official Oregon Information Literacy Month badge to your email signature, library or school or district website, social networking sites, printouts, etc. I attached an image file for the badge, and code for it is available on the Thriving Libraries website: Be sure to choose Oregon from the drop-down menu before copying any code.


Another suggestion is to link to some facts and resources about information literacy when you post the badge online or in your email signature. No time to create your own page? Feel free to link to the Oregon State Library’s page: Thanks very much to WCCLS for granting us permission to borrow  their ideas and to Darci Hanning for crafting the OSL page.     


FYI, I will add a link to the Oregon School Library Standards on OSL’s Information Literacy Month resource page soon.





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October is Information Literacy Month! Learn more here.




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