I want to update our Oregon Video Conferencing guide (attached), at least I think I do, assuming it is still useful and not redundant. If it is still useful, it also needs to be redone, with a new layout, perhaps by city name or at least a layout more useful than the utilitarian approach the first version is in.
1) Most important: Please let me know if this will duplicate another video-conference guide already in existence! If not, read on:
2) Please send me any updates for your library, town, city, institution, or county.
3) Please send me any corrections to the attached guide. If there are a lot of errors we need to correct them or pull the guide from our website.
4) Please feel free to forward this request to others who might want to be on the list or know about other video-conferencing sites.
Last, feel free to make suggestions on what kind of layout you might find useful. I'm a tables/grid sort of person so we could do that, and then by city or maybe county. The latter might be better?
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