Dear Everyone who ever sees a teen in the library or in their community in the summer:

Please pardon cross-posting.

The time has come to put our outstanding minds together to contribute ideas for the 2015 Teen Summer Library Program Manual. The theme: Heroes. The slogan for teens: "Unmask!" The deadline: November 15. As your OYAN CSLP Liaison, I'll send another reminder as we get closer to November.

Library staff around the country and beyond will turn to your ideas as they put together their own summer programs for teens. See below for types of categories and examples from CSLP headquarters.

At the Spring CSLP meeting, the 2015 Teen Slogan break-out session featured a great deal of discussion about anti-heroes and the appeal of villains, the idea of having superpowers or a secret identity and what that feels like as a teen, and various definitions of heroes--from the Marvel/DC end of the spectrum, to heroic characters like Katnis Everdeen and Ender Wiggin, to everyday local heroes.

"Runner-up" slogan choices will become chapter headings in the manual, including "Power Up...READ!", "Reading Is My Superpower", "Unleash Your Powers", "Novel Avengers", "The Hero Within", and "Begin the Quest".

I know we'll make it a great manual. I can't wait to see all the ideas that emerge in the final edition!

--Abbie Anderson
Assistant Director, North Bend Public Library

And now: the official call for ideas:



Call for Ideas

2015 Teen Summer Library Program

Theme:  Heroes

Slogan: Unmask!

Deadline:  November 15, 2013


Below you’ll find some programming ideas suggested at the Spring CSLP meeting including: Heroes-contemporary, romantic, historical, mythological, etc.; Superheroes-what makes one? Writing about, creating a superhero, comic, etc.; Villains-in literature, in history, in film; Talent—hidden talents, unmasking your talents, finding, demonstrating your talents, etc. Please send other ideas (or expand on those below) by November 15, 2013 to:


Patti Sinclair


306 Virginia Terrace

Madison, WI  53726

608 231-2467


Display/Passive Programming Ideas

We’re looking for more passive programming ideas and reproducibles to hand out!! Quizzes, crosswords, games, etc.

“Desert Island Death Match.” Pit a variety of villains

Cover pictures with pieces of Black paper like advent calendar, slowly uncover part of picture

Guess Who?  Photos of famous people but photoshop them to mask them




·        Suggestions on how to work with teens from small libraries

·        More ideas on how to attract teens not coming to library.


Programming ideas:  please expand on or add to:

·        Be a hero chapter with programs on babysitting, etc.

·        Text to screen.  Show movie and text

·        Hobbit party; Live action role play—larping 

·        Scavenger Hunt to highlight collections, e.g. graphic novels, specific books, parts of library or community, e.g. meet community heroes

·        Movie series with role models

·        Teens/teen advisory board put on puppet show for younger kids

·        Unmask!  Drama, theatre theme

·        Villains/ anti-heroes/fallen heroes/what makes a hero?

·        Teen writing group

·        Superhero showdown a mini comicon/ superhero program

·        Obstacle course

·        Design your own comic

·        Old mystery science theater. 3K

·        Highlight your hidden talent/ Hidden Talent Show

·        Guitar hero program

·        Princess Bride movies

·        Best Ink. Art project hidden identity. Traditional painting over a black light painting. The second painting only shows under black light  Kat from VT

·        Greek mythology

·        Mask making workshop

·        Phantom of the Opera

·        Mardi Gras, masks

·        Face off. Special effects TV show makeup that shows up only under black light

·        Rock heroes?

·        Corks and Canvases. Everyone learns how to paint one particular painting

·        Reading Classics.  Romantic Heroes, e.g. Heathcliff

·        Larger scale program. A masked Ball;. Old prom dresses masquerade ball

·        Champions

·        Historical heroes:  civil rights, etc. Lions of Little Rock  by Kristin Levine. Putnam, 2012. 304 p. Gr. 5-8); Warriors Don’t Cry: A Searing Memoir of the Battle to Integrate Little Rock's Central High [ by Melba Pattilo Beals  Simon Pulse, 2007. 240 p.




Elizabeth Rafferty

Baltimore County Public Library

6105 Kenwood Ave.

Rosedale, MD 21237



Abbie Anderson
Assistant Director
North Bend Public Library
Abbie Anderson
Assistant Director
North Bend Public Library