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I thought you might enjoy hearing of the acclaim our new children’s book is receiving (below and attachments)?  This is the book that the Governor will be giving to attendees at the Bounty of Oregon gala this year.


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August 2013, Special Offer NOTICE with attachments.

Something BIG is Afoot !


ACS/ Arnica Creative Services is pleased to announce the upcoming release of a new children’s book entitled:  EVERYONE OUT HERE KNOWS: A Bigfoot Tale,  by internationally acclaimed poet William Stafford.  Stafford was Oregon’s Poet Laureate for many, many years and taught at Lewis & Clark College where his archive legacy is held.   Big plans are in the works for the centennial celebration of William’s birth next year (2014), including the publishing of seven William Stafford books. 


We are honored that The Friends of William Stafford selected Arnica to publish this book of Stafford’s poem.  Although we have not yet gone to press, the book has received acclaim and endorsements.  The book will be distributed to Oregon public and school libraries as a selected title of the Oregon Library Association OREGON READS program.  Additionally the book has just been selected by Governor Kitzhaber and the Oregon Library Association to be featured at the All States Pavilion at the Library of Congress Book Exposition on September 21st in Washington, DC:   http://www.loc.gov/bookfest/ .  This is very exciting news for us, the Stafford family and the Friends of Stafford.  It’s a big deal.  Every state chooses only ONE book each to be shown at the event . . . and ACS/ Big Foot is the choice for Oregon!





“Angelina Marino-Heidel's brilliant images and William Stafford's quiet words together make a lovely gift-book for child or adult.” -Ursula K. Le Guin


“Parents, teachers, librarians, rejoice! This book is a boon. Bill Stafford’s poem and Angelina Marino-Heidel’s riveting, color-laden art tell an irresistible story. These vibrant pages invite young readers and listeners into the deep and ageless mysteries of Big Foot’s wilderness world.”  -Paulann Petersen/ Oregon Poet Laureate


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