Hi everyone,
I've recently been working to set up the free version of Mandarin M3 as our library's new cataloging software. What I have working now is a vast improvement over our last system, but I'm running into an error that is preventing me from using the circulation side of the program. Unfortunately, the free version does not include tech support, so the developers were unable to help me. If anyone has worked with this program or is willing to take a stab at offering advice, I'll lay out the issue below. Sorry for the cross-post if you are also a member of the prison-l listserv.

I'm working in the Circulation application. When I attempt to loan a book, I get a "General Scheduling Error" (page three here http://www.docstoc.com/docs/57676684/Troubleshooting-Mandarin-M3 ). I've followed the steps listed to set the schedule to current dates, but no matter what dates I enter, I get the error message "An error occurred - updates will not be saved," and everything reverts back to the original settings. It's an old program - could it be that they didn't anticipate people using the free version 10 years after it was released, and the dates aren't supported? I know libraries use this software though, and I don't see any reference to this error online. Is there another area in the program that I need to enter schedule information? Could it be an issue caused by not having unencumbered web access? Any other sources I could ask for help?

Thanks for any help and suggestions!

Elizabeth Schmidt
Oak Creek YCF