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Hello Library Friends!


The Cottage Grove Public Library is excited to be hosting the Smithsonian Institution traveling exhibit, Human Origins, What Does It Mean To Be Human?

The exhibit will be here at the Cottage Grove Public Library from February 17 to March 12, 2016. 

We are excited to be one of 19 libraries across the nation selected to host this museum quality exhibit, and the only stop in Oregon.

Please try to stop by for a visit and to tour the exhibit if you find yourself traveling down the I-5 corridor through the Willamette Valley.


During the month that the exhibit is here we are hosting 12 special events ranging from lectures to hands-on activities for families. Please find attached a flyer for the exhibit and a list of public events.  The attached list shows 9 events because 3 of our events are “private” non-public events (school events, etc.)

One of these private events is an “Educator Workshop”…  A workshop taught by top Smithsonian staff on Thursday February 18th at 3 pm.

 If you would like to attend this Educator Workshop, please give me a call… 541-767-4147.


Additionally, Smithsonian Scientists will be here on February 17 and 18 to lead 4 amazing events, two are evening public programs and  two are private events, the Educator Workshop and an  event for Clergy and leaders from the Faith community.  


Please share information about this exhibit and associated public programs with your staff and  community and don’t hesitate to call and chat with our Team if you have any questions… you can reach our Library Staff at 541-942-3828


Thanks, hope to see you here at the Human Origins Exhibit next month!


Pete Barrell, Director

Cottage Grove Public Library

Cottage Grove, Oregon




Suzanne L. Sager

Oregon ALA Representative

Portland State University Library
PO Box 1151
Portland, OR  97207-1151