The Membership Committee and the New Member Round Table are joining forces to pilot a new program for OLA members - Resume & Cover Letter Review!   

Volunteer reviewers will evaluate the applicant’s resume and representative cover letter and provide advice on these documents.  In addition, the reviewer can assess any possible experiences or skills that might the applicant more marketable for a desired position.

For the winter quarter, participating is entirely virtual - you can use email, phone, GoToMeeting, Skype, Hangouts, or whatever works for you! Prefer to do this sort of thing face-to-face? We’ll be offering that option at the OLA Conference this Spring!

I would love advice on my cover letter and resume!  How do I sign up?

We’re ready to accept applications for those looking for advice and review!

Here is the criteria for those seeking review:



I’d like to help!  How do I sign up?

We’re still looking for volunteer resume reviewers!  Does this describe you?



What if I have questions? Problems?

You can use the Resume Review Program inquiry form to contact Resume Review Program administrators.

Best wishes,

Jenkins Lumpkin, OLA New Member Round Table

Meredith Farkas, OLA Membership Committee