After my recent post inquiring if there were existing advanced library research courses in place at Oregon colleges and universities, I was asked by a couple of folks to summarize what I gathered.  

The answer is:  Some, but not a lot.

Eastern Oregon University is the leader in this area, offering three classes:

LIB 127 - Information Literacy*GTW (Credits:3) Gen Ed Core-Gateway 
This course covers the basic concepts and skills of information literacy, the research process, critical thinking skills, and ethical aspects of information; Students are introduced to characteristics, formats and organization of information; and are provided with practical experience in the use of the academic library. Course content also includes electronic resources such as journal databases, search engines and directories. 

LIB 307 - Online Research: Trends, Tools & Techn*SMI (Credits: 2) Gen Ed Core-Natural, Math & Info Sciences 
Course covers advanced search strategies, techniques, and critical evaluation of information systems such as catalogs, databases, search engines, user generated content, and websites. Students will examine current issues and trends relevant to locating information on the internet. Students must have at least sophomore standing to register for this course. 

LIB 327 - Research Topic Exploration*SMI (Credits: 2) Gen Ed Core-Natural, Math & Info Sciences 
Advanced research techniques are introduced and reviewed; assisting students with preparing for capstone, thesis, papers, and other culminating academic work. Covers the basic concepts of research question development, topic exploration, structure and searching of online databases; use of the Internet and the World Wide Web; critical evaluation of literature in the disciplines and creation of an annotated bibliography. Prerequisite: LIB 127 recommended or basic library database search skills.

These are all older catalog descriptions that need to be updated, but at least you can get an idea of the focus of each class. The two 300 level classes are only taught online, and we are mainly serving non-traditional, online transfer students with those. 

The other response I got was from Lewis and Clark college, where there is a course in advanced library research that is paired with a history internship course. 

Hist 244.  Dan Kelley and Kate Rubick have written a book chapter on how they developed this course, soon to appear in a library near you.

Tony Greiner, Portland Community College 

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