Thanks to all who made yesterday’s Library Legislative Day and grand success.  
At last count, we had 20 of the 30 senators select books for one of their local libraries.  46 of the 60 representatives selected books.  This is probably our best turn out.

Special thanks to all who made the trek to Salem and talked to legislators.  We made close to 50 office visits.  Those participating included:
Kate Lasky, Jamar Ramming, Ellie Hilton, Jessica Arenas, Erica Knotts, Ruth Murray, Alice MacGougan, Stacy Johns, Carol Dinges, Thea Hart, Monica Cooper-McQueen, Eva Calcagno, Sue Luddington, Abigail Elder, David Abbey, Melissa Little, Karen Muller, Stephanie Lind, Peter Leonard, Denise Holms, Natasha Forrester Campbell, Jane Corry, Samantha Pierson, Mathew Brock, Emily Ford, Tony Greiner, Elsa Loftis, Mark Hardin, Tricia Snyder, Todd Dunkelberg, Buzzy Nielsen, Alyssa Bennett, Jane Cothron, Brooke Robertshaw and Kristy Davis. There were more that didn’t sign in or accompanied those who did, so sorry if I missed including you.

If you visited a legislator and haven’t noted it on our appointment calendar, please dos o.  It helps us track who we’ve talked to.

Thanks to Casey Campbell for being our official photographer.

Special thank to our OLA lobbyist, Nan Heim, for making this event one that legislators actually like!

The State Library Budget bill is having its public hearing today, so let’s hope our efforts helped restore Ready to Read Grant Program funding to last year’s level.

Janet Webster
co-chair, OLA Library Development and Legislative Committee