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For immediate release Thursday, Oct. 13, 2005
Sport groundfish regulations adjusted
NEWPORT - Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife officials today
announced sport angling from boats for groundfish species inside 40
fathoms will close Oct. 18 at 12:01 a.m., because landings have nearly
reached the federal harvest cap for black rockfish. 

The change impacts only sport boat anglers inside 40 fathoms, including
estuaries and bays. Shore-based divers, and anglers on beaches, piers,
docks, rocks and jetties may continue to harvest groundfish, except
canary rockfish and yelloweye rockfish, which cannot be retained. Boat
anglers may continue to harvest groundfish outside 40 fathoms. 

Landing data shows Oregon has nearly met the 332-metric-ton federal
harvest cap on black rockfish. State and federal harvest caps are
implemented to protect species from overharvest. Closing the sport boat
fishery for all groundfish angling inside 40 fathoms helps to ensure
anglers targeting other groundfish do not incidentally harvest black
rockfish. Since black rockfish are rarely found outside 40 fathoms,
fishery managers opted to keep those waters open to boat angling.
"ODFW is working to protect groundfish populations to ensure the fishery
thrives into the future," said ODFW Marine Program Manager Patty Burke.
"At the same time, the department is keeping as much of the fishery
available to anglers as possible. This action provides sport
opportunities today and helps make sure tomorrow's anglers enjoy it as

Oregon's coastal weather typically precludes significant numbers of
ocean boat fishing trips from October through the winter months.

The adjustment includes angling from boats for all groundfish (which
includes lingcod, greenling, rockfishes and flatfish) and Pacific
halibut, except those caught outside 40 fathoms. Retention of black
rockfish is not permitted at any depth in the ocean and estuary boat
fishery. The boat fishery for cabezon closed in August. 

Last December the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission supported managing
for a year-round fishery for shore-based anglers and shore-based divers
in the event of an early season closure for boat anglers. The shore
fishery has a relatively small impact on black rockfish. The daily
marine bag limit for shore-based anglers and divers is five fish with an
additional two lingcod.

Limited sport groundfish opportunity outside the 40-fathom line will
continue. It offers opportunities for species such as yellowtail
rockfish, lingcod, sablefish and various flatfish. Fishing for Pacific
halibut outside of 40 fathoms remains open on Fridays, Saturdays and
Sundays through October south of Cape Falcon.
"Fishing outside of 40 fathoms virtually guarantees there will be no
incidental catches of black rockfish," said Don Bodenmiller, sport
groundfish and halibut project leader for the ODFW Marine Resources

The daily marine bag limit outside 40 fathoms will remain at five fish
per day with an additional two lingcod. A list of groundfish and fish
included in the five-fish marine bag limit and waypoints for the
40-Fathom Conservation Area can be found in the 2005 Oregon Ocean
Regulations for Salmon, Halibut and other Marine Species. 
Inside 40 fathoms, fishing for salmon, surf perch and baitfish remains
open under current regulations.
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