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Providers, social workers, caregivers and peers!


Apologies for sending such a large file, but this is too
good to pass up.  It is a comprehensive list of health and
wellness services for adults and children that was designed
for social workers and case managers, but all of you may
find it valuable for your clients and colleagues.  Most of
the resources are public and nonprofit services, which most
will qualify for whether they have public or private
insurance, or no insurance.  In fact, these are a boon to
underinsured families.  Many are free or have a sliding
scale.  Licensed professionals are on staff, and it is
usually easier and quicker to get an appointment than a
private provider.  There are as many forms to fill out as
someone would ordinarily have.



margaret puckette, facilitator



Talk It Over is a support group for family members of

a child or teen with behavioral disorders.  It is a free

public service sponsored by Trillium Family Services, and

hosted by the Swindells Center for Children & Families





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Welcome to the July 2011 edition of Resources Galore!

You will find a 145-page PDF version of Resources Galore
attached. To ease navigation of the guide, I have added page
numbers to the Table of Contents on page 3. You may also
consider using the "find" feature in Adobe to go to the
section or service for which you are searching. 


In order for this resource guide to be useful and
successful, the information in it needs to be accurate and
current. If you encounter new information or corrections,
please complete the "Update and Addition Form" and forward
it to resourcesgalore at yahoo.com.


I will make every attempt to update this resource guide at
least once a year. If you are receiving this message
directly from Monica Parmley (resourcesgalore at yahoo.com),
you will automatically receive these annual updates via
email. If this message is being forwarded to you from
someone else and you want to receive future updates, please
email your contact information to resourcesgalore at yahoo.com.


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