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Good afternoon,

The OSFA website is currently being updated to reflect the current info for the Board as well as other information. Please reply to this email with your information with all of the information as shown below in the example.

Please return this as soon as possible so Clay can get this on our website.

Amy Tennimon, Fiscal Analyst- Client Agencies
Department of Administrative Services

    EGS Shared Financial Services

    155 Cottage St. NE

    Salem, OR 97301

    Phone: 503-373-1606

    E-mail: amy.m.tennimon at state.or.us<mailto:amy.m.tennimon at state.or.us>

    Term: 2017-2019

Thank you,

Amy Tennimon
Fiscal Analyst - Client Agencies
Shared Financial Services
DAS/Enterprise Goods and Services

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