[OSFA] OMD Fiscal Analyst 3 recruitment

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Thu Apr 25 11:52:52 PDT 2019


Please see the link below for the new Fiscal Analyst 3 position with OMD.

Thank you,

Amy Tennimon
Fiscal Analyst - Shared Client Agencies
DAS Shared Financial Services
Phone: (503) 373-1606
Amy.M.Tennimon at oregon.gov<mailto:Amy.M.Tennimon at oregon.gov>

[DAS_SFS_h_logo_STATE-sm V4]

The Military Department is recruiting for a Fiscal Analyst 3 position (to replace a retiring employee). Please forward this job announcement to the OSFA group e-mail list.

Thank you!


Debbie Stratman
Fiscal Analyst 3
Oregon Military Department
e-mail: Deborah.P.Stratman at mil.state.or.us<mailto:Deborah.P.Stratman at mil.state.or.us>
Ph. (503) 584-3873

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