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Hello!  During Training Session Two all RFHF participants had or will have a session on media literacy.  During Cohort 5's media literacy session we discussed research on the effects of having the TV on in the background as children are playing.  None of us could remember the study, but about a week later Becki Bozart found it and emailed it to me.  She and I thought the rest of you might want to read the study too.  

I've pulled out a few of the main points below.  I think it is important to notice this is a study of only 50 children so, while this is valuable information because it shows there may be a link between background TV and attention problems, it isn't conclusive.  Therefore, the article reminds parents about conclusive research on brain development and the importance of interacting with their children.


-Background noise may disrupt play and stop children from  developing attention spans according to new research, leading to increased risk  of behavioral issues like Attention Deficit Disorder.


-Experts found that children left in a room with the  television on played for five per cent less time, and had shorter play episodes  than children in a room without the distraction.   

-the study was conducted with a group of 50  toddlers at age 12, 24, or 36 months


-The magazine reminds parents of the following facts about  children's early learning:    


* brain       development is very vulnerable to environmental influences. 
* the       influence of early environment is long lasting. 
* during       the first years, the infant needs to learn to focus attention and       interact. 



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Hi Katie; here’s a paper I referred to at the training to share  with the group    



Becki Bozart, FSW    

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