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Hi all

Thanks to everyone who sent ideas for Spanish Language music CD’s.

We will be including one in each resource bag for next year’s RFHF

Listed below are the recommendations folks made and a weblink when I could
find one.

The artist receiving the most recommendations was Jose Luis Orozco. The most
recommended title was De Colores (classic children’s folk songs)

Also recommended were: Diez Deditos (finger play songs/rhymes); "Esta Es Mi
Teirra - This Land Is My Land"; Letras, Numeros, y Colores Vol 5; Lirica
Infantil. The website is:



The second highest recommendation was Charlotte Diamond with :   "Soy una
Pizza' and "Todo el Mundo Come Banana!"

Her website is:

 <http://www.charlottediamond.com> http://www.charlottediamond.com


Also recommended was Cantare, Al Agua Pato Latin Americas Music for
Children. Their website is: 

 <http://www.cantaremusic.com/> http://www.cantaremusic.com/


Additional recommendations were:

Spanish CD Lullabies of Latin America/ Canciones de Cuna de Latinoamerica: A
restful little heaven for you and your children- by Maria del Rey

Songs found within the following website, especially those by “Adriana.”
<http://idolosinfantiles.atspace.com> http://idolosinfantiles.atspace.com 

The songs by “Gaby, Fofo, y Miliki,” although they’re “old,” the songs are
quite fun, especially “la gallina turuleca” and “en el auto de papa.” (I
found those on you tube).

Putumayo's Latin Playground-It doesn't have the traditional rhymes but it
has some good songs on it –website at:


Cantemos en Español by Fisher Price Little People has all the traditional
songs and familiar translations, like Twinkle Little Star or Itsy Bitsy

Thanks again for the recommendations. 




Joann M. Contini

RFHF Project Coordinator


 <mailto:joanncontini at comcast.net> joanncontini at comcast.net


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