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I'm pleased to announce the RFHF virtual book shelf: http://www.shelfari.com/o1514440154/shelf!

All the giveaway and first library visit incentive books from Year 1, 2, and 3 have been added to the RFHF virtual book shelf.  Most of the titles have also been tagged by early literacy skill so you can easily identify which skills a particular book emphasizes.

What does this mean?  When you are planning an early literacy session, one-on-one book sharing, or a storytime you can go online and...

*         After you've selected the books you want to share, you can identify which early literacy skills they emphasize so you can target parent education to those particular skills.

*         Identify an early literacy skill you want to focus on and generate a list of books that emphasize that skill.  Then select a few age appropriate titles from that list to use in your session, book sharing, or storytime.

Identifying which early literacy skills a particular book emphasizes is not an exact science.  Therefore some of the books on the RFHF virtual book shelf may not list the same early literacy skills you would identify for that title.  This does not mean you are wrong.  It means that you are able to use that book to emphasize other early literacy skills.  This gives you more flexibility to respond to individual child and/or parents' needs during a session.

I would like to thank Kristy Kemper Hodge, the Masters in Library and Information Sciences student who made this possible.  Kristy read every single one of the books on the RFHF virtual bookshelf and identified their corresponding early literacy skills.  She also added all the books to Shelfari and tagged them with the early literacy skills.  This was a huge job and she did it very well!

Joann Contini, Susan Lindauer, and I hope that this will help fulfill your recommendation to create booklists by early literacy skill, and request for help identifying early literacy skills in the books you are using in your education sessions.  RFHF works hard to listen to your recommendations and feedback to continually improve the project and our ongoing support of your work.  This virtual bookshelf was created because more than one of you spoke up.  Thank you, and please continue to ask questions and give us feedback because that's the only way we'll know what you need.

Katie Anderson


Here are some tips for using the RFHF virtual book shelf (Shelfari):

*         Looking at the shelf, move your mouse so the curser is on a book.  This will bring a little pop-up that has details about the title your mouse is on, including a list of 'tags' which are the early literacy skills that book emphasizes.

*         There is no need to actually click on the book to open another window to see the early literacy skills-this means you can go through the shelf pretty quickly!

*         If you want to generate a list of books that emphasize a specific skill try this:

o   Scroll down so you can see 'Reading for Healthy Families: Giveaway Books's Tags' underneath the virtual book shelf.

o   Under the text 'Reading for Healthy Families: Giveaway Books's Tags'  you'll see the 6 early literacy skills listed in blue text.  Click on the early literacy skill of your choice and the books tagged with that skill will appear on the bookshelf!

o   To create another list of books by early literacy skill you must click on the 'All books' tab at the top of the book shelf first.  If you do not, you will not get a complete list.

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