[RFHF] Commitment reminder: pink sheets & library logs

Katie Anderson katie.anderson at state.or.us
Tue Jul 12 11:49:55 PDT 2011

Attention cohorts 9, 10, 11, and 12:

There is a little confusion about tracking and reporting early literacy education sessions/families served.  RFHF trainings have ended, but the project is still going.

All RFHF participants have 1 year to meet the commitment of providing early literacy education to 15 families.  Those of you in cohorts 9-12 are still working towards meeting your commitment and still should be tracking the families or number of families they are providing early literacy education too.

What does that mean?

*         Healthy Start family support workers in cohorts 9-12 should still be filling-out and submitting pink sheets. Questions, contact Jerod Tarte at tarte at npcresearch.com<mailto:tarte at npcresearch.com> or 503-243-2436 x 103.

*         Librarians in cohorts 9-12 should be filling-out and submitting library logs until they have provided early literacy education to 15 families. Questions, contact me at katie.anderson at state.or.us<mailto:katie.anderson at state.or.us> or 503-378-2528.

How do I know if I've met my commitment or not?

*         When you have provided early literacy education sessions to 15 families and submitted pink sheets (Healthy Start) or library logs (Libraries) on those families/education sessions.

How much more time do I have to meet my commitment?

*         Cohort 9, your deadline is October 15,  2011

*         Cohort 10, your deadline is November 3, 2011

*         Cohort 11, your deadline is December 9, 2011

*         Cohort 12, your deadline is January 12, 2012

Can't remember if you're in cohort 9, 10, 11, or 12?  That's okay!  Here's a reminder:

*         Cohort 9 = Multnomah County

*         Cohort 10 = Clackamas and Marion Counties

*         Cohort 11 = Jackson and Josephine Counties

*         Cohort 12 = Baker, Malheur, Union, and Wallowa Counties

What about people in cohorts 1-8?

*         Their deadlines for filling-out and submitting pink sheets/library logs are long gone so they no longer need to do this.  They also had one year to meet their commitment of reaching 15 families.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

I apologize for forgetting to send out the July Library Log reminder which may have contributed to the confusion.  I will send it out this afternoon.

Thank you,

Katie Anderson, Library Development Services
* Youth Services Consultant * Oregon Center for the Book Coordinator *
Oregon State Library, 250 Winter St. NE, Salem, OR 97301
katie.anderson at state.or.us<mailto:katie.anderson at state.or.us>, 503-378-2528

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