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In an effort to inform parents of activities they can do with their children to help build strong pre-literacy skills, Yamhill County Reading for All, in partnership with The Oregon Community Foundation and McMinnville Public Library, produced this DVD titled 'Growing Readers: Helping Your Child Get Ready to Read'.  This DVD was made possible with the support of local families and community members who generously lent their time and expertise to help raise early literacy awareness. (video description)

This is an excellent video to show parents during early literacy education sessions. It is available to view streaming online in English<http://reading4all.com/entries/view/547> and Spanish<http://reading4all.com/entries/view/647> or to check out on DVD from the State Library (see below for instructions).

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Growing Readers: Helping Your Child Get Ready to Read by McMinnville Public Library, Reading For All, and the Oregon Community Foundation.

Lectores en crecimiento: Ayudando a su hiji a prepararse para leer by McMinnville Public Library, Reading For All, and the Oregon Community Foundation.

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