Hello!  I just read the following blog post on marketing, and attached the sample marketing plan from the blog post so it's right at your finger tips.  This is a great template, and one of the examples is a ready to read early literacy program which provides an excellent example of how you can use this planning tool to market your RFHF early literacy session and other early literacy activities you are working on.

You can read this online at: http://www.libraryjournal.com/blog/820000682/post/1130052513.html
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Marketing Plan Templates

February 8, 2010 Many people have asked me for copies of my marketing plan, which I'm happy to share. But I always have to add this caution: the plan is dated. I recently came across a great resource that I think you'll love and that is much more up-to-date.

Linda Hazzan is director of marketing and communications for
Toronto Public Library. She has developed an easy-to-use marketing plan template and is happy to offer it up for you to use. If you scratch your head and don't know where to begin when it comes to marketing, this could be your knight in shining armor! It covers:

Goals & Objectives
Program Positioning
Target Audience
Marketing Mix

Be advised:

1. The template offers a roadmap, but you'll see that it requires careful thinking and planning. It forces you to answer my favorite question: "In order to

2. As Linda is quick to point out, the advent of social media means they are evolving this template to adapt to emerging trends. 

As she shared with me:

"The template is part of a larger process we've implemented around the marketing planning, design and production process. I'd be happy to speak with libraries about the process we use and how this document works within that process. I'm not sure how library-specific this is, though. I too come from a corporate background and so I've adapted marketing and product management approaches I've taken in the past to fit the library 'business' model."

Download her template and my (dated) marketing plan here.
Contact Linda directly at: lhazzan@torontopubliclibrary.ca