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   MEETING NOTES Self-Management Network Quarterly Call September Agenda Sept 15, 2016 1:00 PM to 2:30  PM Location: Phone Conference - 1-(877) 336-1831, code 309902   NOTES:    
   - Introductions  (1:00-1:10)  
   - Place Matter Conference, October 4-6 – Laura (1:10-1:20)
   - Registration closes (firm) tomorrow at end of day (that’s Friday, 9/16)
   - Several sessions relate to Self-Mgmt.  The overarching theme of the conference is howPlace functions as a key element in the chronic disease prevention & management.  Over 400 registered.  There is a combination of plenary (large presentations with speakers with national status) sessions and smaller breakout sessions.  One of those speakers is Dr. Stout who will present on creating a continuum of health & well-being.  Breakout sessions of interest- culture as prevention with tribal public health facilitators related to policy & public health; community health workers; community clinic linkages; and taking it upstream about health system’s role in prevention.  This is a great opportunity to broaden your knowledge.
   - If you google Place Matters 2016 & it should be easy to find.  Laura will also send out the link later today.
   - Stanford’s New Reporting Process – we’ll ask if there’s any input or questions.
   - Lauren spoke about the changes put forth recently from Stanford on certification of leaders, Master Trainers and T-Trainers.  There are new certification guidelines about how you calculate the time period or anniversary date.  The date of initial training is the anniversary date you continually use to calculate the deadline.  This can lead to some confusion.  The guidelines came out in May 2016 and you can find this information on the Stanford site under Active Status & Certification Guidelines 
   - The date of certification is always going back to the last day of training as their certification period.  
   - For Master Trainers, now they must send in their report annually.  
   - For Master Trainers, there was a Refresher Training so that leaders who have lapsed can go through this refresher which is led by a MT.  Lauren and Lavinia (and Candii) completed this training.
   - To follow these guidelines to ensure that your leaders in your programs are staying certified by Stanford’s rules, program coordinators need to set up a system or spreadsheet to watch the dates.  Lauren was asked to share her spreadsheet she uses and she asked they others also share the tools they use to track this.
   - Portal & Compass Updates – Laura (1:20-1:30)
   - Update- The agreement with QTAC did not end up including extra assistance with reporting. QTAC technical assistance for data analysis (for instance, some programs will need to export diabetes data out of the portal & may need some additional consultation about collecting additional data in order to meet CDC requirements).  QTAC said that they will do that only on a fee-based service and one must contact QTAC directly.  Fees start at $1500 and it involves up to 3 technical calls to assist the organization with their diabetes data that goes to CDC for your DPRP requirements. It is a valuable service.  However, you can do the export on your own. There is a standard export procedure.  Additionally, OHSU’s diabetes center staff, Don Kain, will be available to consult with you about how your program can be successful & meet CDC’s guidelines.
   - OHSU is not yet connected to the portal but they will be soon.  Then at that point they will be more involved in helping with data issues related to diabetes programming.
   - OHA might do a demo of the referral component of the Portal.  This isn’t operating at this time but due to a grant for a demonstration project that OHA is doing about referral payment process, OHA is considering using the referral component of the Portal for this.  If so, it may help all of us statewide also use the referral features of the system.
 If you have technical questions or issues with the Portal- Laura would be your contact.  Note that there’s a staffing crunch at this time at OHA and until positions are filled, staff are stretching across more than one project.  Shira is on another project fulltime.    
   - Note there is a feature that helps program coordinators get information about the people who have requested more information through Find-A-Workshop.  Laura stated that these requests are forwarded into an alert in the system. There are alerts pending.  Are program coordinators receiving alerts automatically from Compass?  Laura wants to make sure that people requesting further information are getting replies. It may be that only people with “super-user” access, like Laura, see this information. 
   - Discuss Steering Committee openings-  (1:30-1:40)- Libby
   - Please email Libby (libkay at yahoo.com) if you are interested at all in learning more about the positions open on the Steering Committee.   There is an application.  Then the committee will review and make selections looking at maintaining experience & diversity on the Committee.  
   - Upcoming Leader trainings – Libby (1:40-1:45)
   - (Lauren) Central Point & Grants Pass—Oct 27   th & 28   th, Nov 7   th & 8   th CDSMP Leader training
   - (Lauren) 4 day Pain training upcoming in December.  Stay tuned also in Central Point area for those dates.
   - (Katrina) Oregon City-4 day CDSMP end of Sept.
   - (Katrina) Two Day DSMP cross training in Hermiston Sept 29   th & 30th
   - OPEN Discussion (20 minutes) & General Comments
   - How can the network meetings help you with improving your programs?  What do you think are the greatest challenges to program sustainability?  
   - Sarah- wants more time to think about this. Suggestion that we might submit this question as a survey to the whole network.
   - Can the network meetings be a place to help people resolve some of these challenges with fidelity?
   - Quarterly Call future topics-  training & review of the Stanford guidelines (i.e. certification guidelines). This would be very helpful for program coordinators.  
   - Update trainings- some changes have happened in the way Stanford conducts training (i.e. brainstorming guidelines)- how do we help people stay current with these changes?
   - There was a whole discussion about interest in Cancer Self-Management program and from the state’s end on getting people connected to cancer programs.  If you have interest in the cancer self-management program, please contact Lavinia Goto. Lavinia explained that she and one other person has been trained as MT for the Cancer SMP.  lavinia.goto at nwsds.org 
   - The Pain Book for CDSM Pain is now also available in Spanish.
   - Bright Spots & Final Thoughts –(2:05-2:15)
   - DPP in Monmouth after 1 year the program ends with 10 participants. Lots of weight loss.  Lots of wonderful success stories.
   - Lauren- CDSM workshop participant who had formerly been homeless.  She not only learned a lot but felt for the first time in her life that she had helped others, been helped & been liked by others in this group.  A very moving testimonial.
   - Sarah- funding is going to continue in Central Oregon
   - Libby- World Parkinson’s Congress takes over Portland from Sept 19-23   rd with 4000 participants from all over the world.
   - Katrina- Portland.  Referral processes are being developed with different providers.  It has been interesting to see the different technical methods that are being implemented. 
   - Participant success story- Someone dropped their A1C back to a pre-diabetic status!
   - Laura- Lots of data in the Portal – it indicates that these programs are touching more than 10,000 people in Oregon.
   -      2016 Calendar reminders – (2:15-2:20)
   - Steering Committee Meeting- 3   rd Thursdays 1-2pm
 November 17    
   - Quarterly Network Call will take place from 1-2:30 PM on the following dates:  
 October (Place Matters Conference, October 4-6) December 15      

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