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Please see below for the links to the final recordings and PPTs for recent webinars focused on Oregonians with Disabilities and Evidence-Based Self-Management Programs:

Creating Welcoming CDSM Programs for Everyone (September 21, 2017) -

Learn how to make your CDSM programs accessible and welcoming to all people, including people that may experience sensory (visually and/or hearing) impairments, physical limitations, and/or intellectual or developmental delays. This webinar will offer practical tips on effective marketing and recruitment as well as program logistics and delivery. Personal experiences with conducting and attending CDSM classes will be shared as well as supplemental resources.


Supporting Oregonians with Disabilities to be Tobacco Free (November 29, 2017) -

Oregonians with disabilities use tobacco more than Oregonians without disabilities. People with disabilities are just as likely to want to quit tobacco as people without disabilities.

Join us and learn about: 1) tobacco related data for Oregonians with and without disabilities; 2) establishing or enhancing a tobacco free policy; 3) encouraging caregivers to quit; 4) promoting insurance-based self-management benefits to staff and clients; 5) supporting community based organizations and programs to make referrals to the Oregon Quit Line; 6) accessing Living Well with Chronic Conditions and other self-management programs; and 7) promoting cessation messages throughout your organization.


For any questions about the webinars, please contact Angela Weaver (weaverro at ohsu.edu<mailto:weaverro at ohsu.edu>) at the Oregon Office on Disability and Health.



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