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Dear Public Library Directors,        

I am pleased to announce that every central library, library  branch, and bookmobile in Oregon  will be receiving, free of charge, one copy of Bat 6 by Virginia Euwer Wolff and one copy of Apples to Oregon by Deborah Hopkinson thanks to a generous grant  from the Starseed Foundation.  These  books are the juvenile titles for Oregon Reads 2009, the first statewide  community reading program in Oregon  taking place January 2009 – April 2009.   I am also pleased to announce that Stubborn Twig has arrived and your copies are ready to be distributed or  picked up!  Read on for  details:        

Attached is a list of how many copies of Stubborn Twig libraries are receiving;  you will need this information to determine how to get your books.  If your library is not on the attached list  your library did not order copies of Stubborn  Twig.  If you would like copies of Stubborn Twig by Lauren Kessler you can  purchase remainders of the out-of-print edition for a reduced price on the OLA  website (www.olaweb.org).  The new edition, with the Oregon Reads 2009  logo and special introduction from Governor  Ted  Kulongoski, is now available to purchase from vendors.        

Libraries receiving  11 or more copies of Stubborn  Twig will pick up their copies of Bat  6 and Apples to Oregon at the  State Library when they come to pick up their copies of Stubborn Twig.  Please  schedule a time to pick up your books with Joel Henderson (joel.henderson at state.or.us).  You must contact Joel at least one day prior  to the time you wish to pick up your books; do not assume your books will be  available to pick up until you get a confirmation from Joel stating he has you  on his schedule.  Please provide your  full contact information so Joel can contact you to confirm your pick up time.  The State Library cannot guarantee that you will be able  to pick up your books if you come to pick them up without an appointment.           

Libraries receiving  10 or fewer copies of Stubborn  Twig will have their copies of Bat 6  and Apples to Oregon sent with their  copies of Stubborn Twig to thier  central library via courier or US Postal Service.  Your books are in the process of being  shipped, if you don’t receive them the week before Thanksgiving please contact  Joel Henderson (joel.henderson at state.or.us).          

We encourage you to carpool or partner with other libraries  in your area to pick up your books.  For  example, public and academic libraries in Umatilla  County and Baker County  may want to send one person to pick up all the orders for libraries in those  two counties.  There is a Library  Director meeting at the State Library on November 17.  There is also an SDLAC meeting at the State  Library on November 5th.   Check you calendars for other meeting you may have in Salem,  ask your staff or friends and relatives if they are planning a trip to Salem and could pick up  your books.  Most orders will easily fit  in the back seat or trunk of a sedan.          

If you have any questions about how your library will get  their books please contact Joel Henderson (joel.henderson at state.or.us).      

For more information about Oregon Reads 2009 please visit  the website (http://www.oregonreads2009.org/)  or contact the co-chairs of the Oregon Reads Task Force, June Knudson (june.knudson at co.hood-river.or.us)  and Sara Charlton (scharlton at beachbooks.org).      

             Katie Anderson, Library Development Services
* Youth Services Consultant * Oregon Center for the Book Coordinator *
       Oregon State Library, 250 Winter St. NE, Salem, OR 97301
               katie.anderson at state.or.us, 503-378-2528
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