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Tycho Granville tychog at co.wasco.or.us
Thu Nov 3 14:07:11 PDT 2011

Hi All –

I received a number of great responses to my question on funding. I thought
I would summarize what I learned here. (Though this may not be news to
anyone else….)

GIS funding comes from a variety of sources – General Fund (some with fees
assessed to other departments), Recorded document fees (of
$5-$15/document), cost sharing with local entities, E-911 funds, Landfill
(Klickitat county only, as far as I know), pay-for-service, and sales. City
of Salem GIS is funded entirely “in-house”, and makes their data available
at the cost of retrieving it. The State also has multiple funding sources.

Wasco GIS is funded (for this year) at 34% Recorded Documents, 27% General
Fund, 24% Partner Fees, and 13% Sales.

Sales included subscription based web-sites and data, stock and/or custom
maps, at-cost retrieval, and custom work (at anywhere from $35 -
$60/hour).  Data sales ranged from $45 - $750 depending on the layers
(except my parcels, which are an embarrassingly high $1500. I need to get
that fixed). Stock maps ranged from free to $50, Custom maps from a free
automated system at Metro to $140 (or hourly).

Most everyone has some sort of interactive website, and most have a version
that is free. Most have some freely downloadable maps. Jackson, Linn, and
Metro have at least some of their available data (shapefiles) out there for

The only thing that seems be common in the funding streams is that General
Fund’s won’t or can’t cover all of a GIS, and at least some sales are
required to keep us operating. Free-to-the-public web mapping seems to be
becoming common, so at least some information is easily accessible.

Once again, thank you for all your input. We’ll see how I do in front of
the County Commissioners….


Tycho Granville
GIS Coordinator
Wasco County
tychog at co.wasco.or.us

Original Question -

*Hi All –*


*My County (Wasco) sells its data and maps, and has since the beginning.
This has been how we have funded the GIS over the years (along with some
other governmental partners, recorded document fees, and some General Fund


*The current trend seems to be toward making data available for free. So,
my Commissioners have asked me to find out how other GIS’s are funded, and
how they are able to provide data to the public at no cost.*


*So, how about it? Does your agency just pick up the whole tab for your
GIS? Do you have some secret funding stream? Something else?*


*Thanks in advance,*


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