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In this Issue
1. Oregon Heritage publishes Disaster Planning and Response bulletin
2. Oregon Library Association seeks submissions
3. Coos History Museum starts new Facebook group for heritage organizations
4. Limited number of BACC Hazard Survey applications available


Disaster strikes when we least expect it. Good stewardship involves planning for disasters. While a disaster plan contains policies and procedures that prevent or minimize damage resulting from disasters, it also serves as a living reference manual that changes over time. Heritage Bulletin 27: Disaster Planning and Response<http://www.oregon.gov/oprd/HCD/docs/Heritage_Bulletins/HB_27_Disaster_%20Plan_and_Response.pdf> offers steps your organization can take to prepare a disaster plan and a response manual. To view the new bulletin and other technical publications, visit Oregon Heritage online<http://www.oregon.gov/oprd/HCD/Pages/Bulletins.aspx>.


The Oregon Library Association Quarterly (OLAQ) is seeking submissions for its winter 2014 – 2015 issue. The issue’s theme is "Beyond Curation: Libraries as Creators of Cultural, Digital, and Material Things". The OLAQ is looking for stories about the various acts of creation in Oregon’s libraries – acts of cultural creation (archives collections, cultural spaces and collections, graduates and citizens, etc.), digital creation (online collections, interactive web-based exhibits, etc.), material creation (Makerspaces and other initiatives), or otherwise.

The stereotype of a library as a storehouse for books is long outdated. Today's libraries feature spaces to create as well as read, research, and learn, yet when most people think of libraries the image of books come to mind – and possibly a place to browse the Internet. What about other ways in which libraries go beyond the "traditional" aspects of librarianship? Visit the OLAQ online<http://commons.pacificu.edu/olaq/> to learn more about submission instructions and the publication schedule.


The Coos History Museum has a new Facebook group for heritage organizations called the “Meta-Museum Movement”, which is a term coin by assistant collections manager Michelle Nash as a blanket term for all the exhibits and programs that incorporate museology into their interpretation (such as "fish-bowl" exhibits, behind-the-scenes tours, and "hacker" spaces).

This was the topic of her recent post on the Western Museums Association's Multimedia Forum<http://www.westmuse.org/articles/coos-history-meta-museum-movement> and part of her recent poster presentation at the association’s annual meeting. The purpose of the Facebook group is to be a forum for the Meta-Museum Movement, a place to share ideas, exchange stories, post images and videos of exhibits and programs, and more. Visit the Meta-Museum Movement<https://www.facebook.com/groups/metamuseum/> page to participate.


Through generous funding from the National Endowment for Humanities (NEH), the Balboa Art Conservation Center (BACC) is offering a limited number of subsidized hazard surveys. The application deadline is Dec. 19.

A hazard survey is the first step an institution can take to develop an Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan tailored to its specific needs and circumstances. Participating institutions must complete a pre-visit questionnaire and self-evaluation exercises designed to identify specific risks. Field Service staff then complete a one-day, on-site hazard survey to examine the facilities and speak with museum staff. Through this process, an analysis of potential vulnerabilities takes place, such as environment, security, fire and water detection and suppression or abatement, collection management policies and procedures, and pest control. The result is a report that provides observations, recommendations, and resources to better manage and mitigate risk as well as to develop an Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan.

For application instructions, visit the BACC website<http://www.bacc.org/pdfs/2014-Hazard-Survey_application.pdf>.


Oregon Heritage, part of the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, provides technical support and services to people and organizations documenting, preserving, interpreting and sharing Oregon's heritage. Keep up with the latest heritage issues and trends at Oregon Heritage Exchange<http://oregonheritage.wordpress.com/> and follow us on Facebook<https://www.facebook.com/OregonHeritage>.

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