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The Oregon Commission on Historic Cemeteries is offering grants for qualified historic cemeteries. The annual grants fund projects that preserve historic cemeteries. Projects funded in the past include marker repair workshops, fencing, signs, interpretive panels and brochures, security lighting, access improvements, records management and more.

Awards typically range between $1,000 and $4,000, but have been higher. Anyone can apply for a grant. While the grant applications are online, they are simple and commission staff can provide support.

"Our goal is to preserve Oregon's historic cemeteries, so we try to make it easy for people to access funds to do that while ensuring the funds are appropriately used," notes Kuri Gill, historic cemeteries program coordinator.

Patricia McCracken with Winchester Elementary School mentioned the assistance on her grant report. "We were new to filling out grants, staff was extremely helpful when we called," she said.

There will be grant workshops on project planning and grant writing. A two-hour workshop will be Feb. 3 in Salem. A one-hour webinar will be available on Feb. 5.

State law established the seven-member commission to maintain a listing of all historic cemeteries and gravesites in Oregon; promote public education on the significance of historic cemeteries; and help obtain financial and technical assistance for restoring, improving and maintaining their appearances. To learn more about the grants or visit www.oregonheritage.org or contact Kuri Gill at Kuri.Gill at oregon.gov or 503-986-0685.
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