[Heritage] Grants available for Oregon historic properties and archaeology projects

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Tue Jan 6 09:12:01 PST 2015

The State Historic Preservation Office is offering grants for work on historic properties and for archaeology projects. The annual grants fund up to $20,000 in matching funds for preservation projects.

The Preserving Oregon Grant can fund preservation of historic buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Work may include non-maintenance preservation like window repair, roof work, foundation projects, and plumbing and electrical needs. It can also fund significant work contributing toward identifying, preserving and/or interpreting archaeological sites.

The Diamonds in the Rough grants help restore or reconstruct the facades of buildings that have been heavily altered over the years. The grant's purpose is to return the buildings to their historic appearance and potentially qualify them for historic register designation (local or national).

Preservation office staff is happy to talk with applicants about potential grant projects and review applications. There will be grant workshops on project planning and grant writing. A two-hour workshop will be in Salem on Feb. 3. A one-hour webinar will be available on Feb. 5. To learn more about the grants and workshops visit www.oregonheritage.org<http://www.oregonheritage.org>  or contact Kuri Gill at Kuri.Gill at oregon.gov<mailto:Kuri.Gill at oregon.gov>  or 503-986-0685.

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