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Oregon Heritage News 2019-03-01

In this issue:

- "How to Run a Cemetery Clean-up Day" Webinar March 14 & 15
- Oregon Heritage Grant Success Webinar March 15 & Workshop March 19
- Does your heritage organization have a board handbook?
- Portland Rose Festival designated an Oregon Heritage Tradition
- Check out this interview about artifacts coming back to the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde
- Archaeology Roadshow exhibitor registration open for Portland, Harney County, and Bend
- Willamette Falls Heritage Area event March 21 looks at status of Willamette Falls Locks
- Oregon State University Libraries seeks Public Services Unit Supervisor for Special Collections and Archives Research Center
- Upcoming NAO events/trainings/workshops for nonprofit boards
- Regional Disaster Preparedness Organization Recovery Conference March 11-12 in Portland (FREE)

"How to Run a Cemetery Clean-up Day" Webinar March 14 & 15

There is still time to register your cemetery for the SOLVE Historic Cemeteries Cleanup Day<https://www.solveoregon.org/Cemetery-event-leaders?fbclid=IwAR2KwyoDwghFQHSxvAM3b_-YX-S3KOYrDnJZVcC_Es-sh5TkGHwKTHF2ouM>! If you want to register your cemetery but are unsure as to what a cemetery clean-up day looks like, there is a webinar that can help you organize your efforts. Join Kuri Gill, coordinator of the Oregon Commission on Historic Cemeteries, for the "How to Run a Cemetery Clean-up Day" webinar. You will learn tips to be organized and ready to get volunteers to work and accomplish loads in your cemetery. There are two opportunities:

March 14, 2-3pm - Register here<https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/2237722061459654914>
March 15, 9-10am - Register here<https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/4887172349958052610>, also available in person at 725 Summer St. NE, Salem Room 124B.

For more information contact Kuri Gill at (503) 986-0685 or Kuri.Gill at oregon.gov<mailto:Kuri.Gill at oregon.gov>.

Oregon Heritage Grant Success Webinar March 15 & Workshop March 19

Oregon Heritage Grant<https://www.oregon.gov/oprd/HCD/FINASST/Pages/grants.aspx> deadlines are coming up in April and May and we want to make sure that applicants have the tools to be successful with their applications. There are two (FREE) opportunities for folks to learn grant planning and writing tips in addition to how to use the OPRD Grants online system.

March 15, 2:30-4pm
Grant Success Webinar
Register<https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/8845589033866260225> online. Contact Kuri Gill<mailto:kuri.gill at oregon.gov> for information. 503-986-0685.

March 19, 10-11:30am
Grant Success Workshop
725 Summer St NE, Room 124A, Salem
Contact Kuri Gill<mailto:kuri.gill at oregon.gov> for information or to register. 503-986-0685.

Does your heritage organization have a board handbook?

The most recent Oregon Heritage Exchange post discusses the importance of a board handbook in orienting new board members and examples of what documents to include in a handbook. It gives new board members the tools to be able to fulfill their duties as a board member which ultimately benefits the organization. This is one of many things that will discussed at the Oregon Heritage Summit<https://www.oregon.gov/oprd/HCD/OHC/Pages/Conference.aspx> in April (registration is now open!). Learn more by visiting the Oregon Heritage Exchange<https://oregonheritage.wordpress.com/2019/02/28/does-your-heritage-organization-have-a-board-handbook/>.

Portland Rose Festival designated an Oregon Heritage Tradition

The Portland Rose Festival, a long-standing Portland event, marks its upcoming 112th year with an Oregon Heritage Tradition designation by the Oregon Heritage Commission. Other Oregon Heritage Traditions include the Oregon State Fair, Medford's Pear Blossom Festival, the Pendleton Round-Up, and the Woodburn Fiesta Mexicana.

The Portland Rose Festival can trace its roots back to a speech given by Portland Mayor Harry Lane at the 1905 Lewis & Clark Centennial Exposition, which included a call for a festival of roses. Two years later, in 1907, the first Portland Rose Festival was held with the intention of putting Portland on the map and branding it as the 'summer capital of the world.' It included the novelty of an electric parade with illuminated floats that allowed Portland to showcase its innovation as one of the first cities in the world to have an electrically propelled trolley system. A year later, in 1908, a nonprofit formed to lead the festival planning and turn it into an annual event.

Over the years the Festival's events have changed and expanded with the times, but the parades associated with the Portland Rose Festival have remained at the center of the event. "The Festival's venerable centerpiece, the Grand floral Parade, is more than fancy floats and high-stepping bands; it's lineup is layered with theatrical and cultural story-telling that reflects how a community can honor diversity and celebrate unity at the same time," said Teri Bowles-Atherton, Rose Festival Foundation President. "The Rose Festival offers a familiar place for multi-generations to make memories while celebrating side-by-side."

The Portland Rose Festival wouldn't be possible without countless volunteer hours from the over 3,600 volunteers who organize and run events, including board members who give thousands of hours of their time in leadership and planning. The event adds to the heritage tourism impact in Oregon and is estimated to generate $65 million in economic impact for the Portland-Metro region.

The Portland Rose Festival will be held May 24- June 9, with additional activities extending in to July and August. More information can be found at: http://www.rosefestival.org/

An Oregon Heritage Tradition must have been in continuous operation for more than 50 years, demonstrate a public profile and reputation that distinguishes it from more routine events, and add to the livability and identity of the state. A list of Tradition designations is available at http://www.oregon.gov/oprd/HCD/OHC/pages/oht.aspx . The Oregon Heritage Commission coordinates efforts to solve statewide heritage issues through grants, education, and advocacy, and also promotes heritage tourism efforts.

Check out this interview about artifacts coming back to the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde

The KLCC<https://www.klcc.org/> public radio station is doing a series on Native Oregon Voices<https://www.klcc.org/term/native-oregon-voices>. Yesterday they did an installment of this series on Native Oregon Artifacts Coming Home<https://www.klcc.org/post/native-oregon-artifacts-coming-home>. It is an interesting listen/read to learn about artifacts coming back to the tribes from the perspective of The Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde. It also includes information on state laws related to archaeology from one of our Oregon State Historic Preservation Office archaeologists, John Pouley. Check it out here<https://www.klcc.org/post/native-oregon-artifacts-coming-home>.

Archaeology Roadshow exhibitor registration open for Portland, Harney County, and Bend

The 2019 Archaeology Roadshow will have 3 events scheduled in June around the state. The 8th annual event in Portland will be Saturday, June 1st, on Portland State University Campus. The 3rd annual event in Harney County in conjunction with the Cultural Crawl  will be Saturday June 29th. We're also excited to announce that Central Oregon will be hosting their first event in Bend, Saturday June 8th.

Our theme for 2019 is the "Archaeology of Daily Life."

We invite you to be part of the Roadshow, in Portland, Central Oregon, Harney County or all three!

We have on-line exhibitor registration forms again this year. There are links to registration forms for each event on our website: pdx.edu/anthropology/archaeology-roadshow<https://pdx.us17.list-manage.com/track/click?u=1c7f343dcd710070fafb26bdb&id=5ac28f3a6f&e=260da01572>

The deadline for registration is March 15th, so be sure to register today. We hope you will sign up as early as possible in order to facilitate planning and marketing. As always, your financial contributions will be gratefully received, and as in past years, we'll include your logo/name on our marketing materials and website.

Willamette Falls Heritage Area event March 21 looks at status of Willamette Falls Locks

Thursday, March 21, 5pm
A River Connects Us - Status of Willamette Falls Locks, An Update
Presented by Willamette Falls Heritage Area Coalition

Get the latest on the Locks from the experts:
Sandy Carter - History of the Locks
Jeff Hicks, USACE - Corps Disposition Study
Russ Axelrod - Locks Commission Update

Oregon City Elks Lodge Ballroom, 610 McLoughlin Blvd.

Oregon State University Libraries seeks Public Services Unit Supervisor for Special Collections and Archives Research Center

The Special Collections and Archives Research Center at Oregon State University Libraries seeks a service-oriented, user-focused Public Services Unit Supervisor with a strong commitment to access to lead our public services operations. Reporting to the Director of the Special Collections and Archives Research Center, the Public Services Unit Supervisor has primary responsibility for managing and coordinating all reading room and remote reference activities. In conjunction with department colleagues, this position provides effective research support, optimizes access systems, and proposes new services and workflows as appropriate.

  *   See https://jobs.oregonstate.edu/postings/72882 for full description and information about Oregon State University.
  *   Applications should be submitted online through https://jobs.oregonstate.edu/.

The successful candidate will demonstrate ability for and commitment to providing responsive, personable, and expert public service. The Public Services Unit Supervisor will join a dynamic team of professionals dedicated to collaboratively advancing the Center's educational and access missions. Working closely with curators and other department staff, the Supervisor interacts positively and inclusively with students, faculty, and the public, guiding users in how to find, use, and evaluate relevant resources, explaining techniques, policies, and procedures, and empowering individuals to conduct archival research. The Supervisor is a professional faculty member in the Oregon State University Libraries and Press, developing and nurturing relationships with colleagues inside and outside the library, and participates in shared governance of OSULP and OSU.

The position supervises one Library Technician 3 classified position and a rotation of student assistants with public service duties. The position mobilizes these resources and others to establish a welcoming and secure environment, data-driven operations, and public service excellence in a lively special collections environment.

The Special Collections and Archives Research Center is located on the 5th floor of The Valley Library, and features secure, climate-controlled storage, exhibit spaces, a lively reading room, dedicated classrooms, and professional digital production unit. SCARC faculty and staff work to maximize discoverability and use of our collections for a broad range of researchers, through teaching, expert public services, digitization, and more. SCARC stimulates and enriches the research and teaching endeavors of Oregon State University through primary sources. As part of the University's land grant mission, SCARC makes these resources available to the OSU community, Oregonians, and the larger community of scholars and independent researchers. As the repository for and steward of the Libraries' rare and unique materials, we build distinctive and unique collections in our signature areas: natural resources, the history of science, university history, and Oregon's multicultural communities; we are also home to the Oregon Hops and Brewing Archives and the OSU Queer Archives. These collections encompass manuscripts, archives, rare books, oral histories, photographs, ephemera, audio/visual materials, electronic and born digital records.

Upcoming NAO events/trainings/workshops for nonprofit boards

*Events listed from Nonprofit Association of Oregon's Oregon Nonprofit Digest - February 2019

Nonprofit Board Success
Event details: March 6 in Sisters, Oregon
Join NAO for this half-day workshop that will help you strengthen your board and your organizations! In this interactive and engaging session you will learn about roles, responsibilities and legal duties of a nonprofit board, how to recruit and retain the board members you really need and more.
Register here<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001921i6mqGt3_8daNiOB5YNTAkLFr9w4vyrkFl-hJk7JRigHiwbkyMHryjn5awLdnCdbQFF3RiqEkVQ0Sim5plrq26PRFynvUtU4tdXjQrBsTucBx0h1lvZWXOPrVbbxLJO30AYKLkQzVus1SOpqvRvNGURT2sXPWYKDjVwAS8vIEJczgVbGr8Ttr8U1swL0SggS9_zZTeDoo_gLI5BJkQVh6iBtBPD2TVkurnXkYTHJp082WCDcJDQpRPmb7fuqbs&c=e8Fbw_RDi2PcFvoT24I0t67PeodIGyz6R-qJaUK7I2Aeb7f53qmiQA==&ch=IHmf5x1srevSSeDuzzb1zRkkNThQVZKF6_xt9pqj0MwETP4yg5o2dg==>

People Building Inclusive Cultures: An Exploration of Prevalent Mental Models and Paradigms
Event details: March 14 in Portland, Oregon
The journey towards building an inclusive culture calls for the disruption of mental models and the engagement of people in meaningful conversation and action. From this session, participants will gain a deeper understanding of prevalent mental models that encourage and impede equity and inclusion efforts in the nonprofit sector, gave an opportunity to practice and explore new ways of thinking and connecting with others and more.
Register here<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001921i6mqGt3_8daNiOB5YNTAkLFr9w4vyrkFl-hJk7JRigHiwbkyMHs0UNC_B8MMM83ePInSsDOcOq8K5ikEzgifQrUsmZJ5npGyBj9FkGr9r9kwBqhorS3wyWnwOybDEiszvW_ONa6RueUAgsWkVLltw-igRWph-LB4F5VmtVVBiXt_gQeCvoNP1mxSMxRCzet6Dx9LbFiH2FWls0UYhs7qDE0dTBE_xbFsCpB6CCJh31k3aTn1uRb54vnUg3fm8&c=e8Fbw_RDi2PcFvoT24I0t67PeodIGyz6R-qJaUK7I2Aeb7f53qmiQA==&ch=IHmf5x1srevSSeDuzzb1zRkkNThQVZKF6_xt9pqj0MwETP4yg5o2dg==>

Nonprofit Board Success
Event details: March 19 in La Pine, Oregon
Join NAO for this half-day workshop that will help you strengthen your board and your organizations! In this interactive and engaging session you will learn about roles, responsibilities and legal duties of a nonprofit board, how to recruit and retain the board members you really need and more.
Register here<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001921i6mqGt3_8daNiOB5YNTAkLFr9w4vyrkFl-hJk7JRigHiwbkyMHoiAPkt7yX0AyAB0Gf2FkFSRDnSVgVwe7su7l_ekHtqrAIg4FR0WTex8Of64gvgRb8G5JTnCMGRETMYOTX3rPtffrI29K88Pvf4ZjjjJxdKp7FCegksYSJAh8p7LNFQBkS_Gr94HqLOr03pXpq36RL7JnaU3DMu1HRpxjcip4F3T8zSBIDXY0EElH0b4X2vzOvwplyFlgf6u&c=e8Fbw_RDi2PcFvoT24I0t67PeodIGyz6R-qJaUK7I2Aeb7f53qmiQA==&ch=IHmf5x1srevSSeDuzzb1zRkkNThQVZKF6_xt9pqj0MwETP4yg5o2dg==>

Is the culture of your organization truly supporting your Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) goals?
Event details: March 21 in Medford, Oregon
How do you find out what the culture of your organization is? When we are in it, we "know it" because we live it, but being objectively aware of our organization's culture -and its impact- can be a little trickier. Sometimes there is a disconnect between what we set out to do and what gets in the way to achieving it. Looking at what creates these gaps will help us stay on track. Even with a good outline of steps, we may be unaware of other forces at play. Come discover what some of those may be!
Register here<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001921i6mqGt3_8daNiOB5YNTAkLFr9w4vyrkFl-hJk7JRigHiwbkyMHs0UNC_B8MMMxpNlXAbQokHbelmQb_3iSRBl_5G34ynFEEK0qcPfRLsI2JMBH9gR-Y0QvqERtwGRdDeAeNIhd7omBL10z6PNHsjJokhvmkfOb_eD0c1L0ocYJ9MSW-y-o3XXzXHLEKqjzRBmJPLK0JptCQeWJ0BvbIT-iLLF7-ttmDwn7tgMgsBKQbEphO7rHAbRAiZSZLS5&c=e8Fbw_RDi2PcFvoT24I0t67PeodIGyz6R-qJaUK7I2Aeb7f53qmiQA==&ch=IHmf5x1srevSSeDuzzb1zRkkNThQVZKF6_xt9pqj0MwETP4yg5o2dg==>

Oregon Nonprofit Leaders Conference
Event details: April 15-16 in Ashland, Oregon
Two days of education, information and networking focused on leadership development and capacity building for nonprofit leaders. This is your opportunity to meet face-to-face with nearly 400 nonprofit leaders and funders from across the state. This is one conference you won't want to miss. Scholarship and lodging discounts available. Early bird pricing ends March 29.
Register here<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001921i6mqGt3_8daNiOB5YNTAkLFr9w4vyrkFl-hJk7JRigHiwbkyMHmjGZtqBaNoG9v1zcEgce5TBImdEdSTNZSOI4sa0WlHW0w1G89-nntvwmm3Y0wkiZWuM99Wnox5pbpHq3FxaeAer0dGH4ITI762TIOaZRszSFbvp3qGkqAtf0-PRZNSPH3UrQ_Cd5tDHFsQuIu39Q6I=&c=e8Fbw_RDi2PcFvoT24I0t67PeodIGyz6R-qJaUK7I2Aeb7f53qmiQA==&ch=IHmf5x1srevSSeDuzzb1zRkkNThQVZKF6_xt9pqj0MwETP4yg5o2dg==>

Regional Disaster Preparedness Organization Recovery Conference March 11-12 in Portland (FREE)

Portland Metropolitan Regional Disaster Recovery Conference
March 11 - 12, 2019
DoubleTree by Hilton in Portland
1000 NE Multnomah Street, Portland, OR 97232<https://hagertyconsulting.us17.list-manage.com/track/click?u=e81c6f1711d16ff33a4a86390&id=c831c57430&e=7e0d5f3be8>

The Regional Disaster Preparedness Organization (RDPO) is hosting a two-day Regional Disaster Recovery Conference. There is no cost for attending the conference. Registration deadline is March 4! For more information and a copy of the conference agenda, please see the Regional Disaster Recovery Conference<https://hagertyconsulting.us17.list-manage.com/track/click?u=e81c6f1711d16ff33a4a86390&id=d4738fa49f&e=7e0d5f3be8> website.

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Oregon Heritage News is a service of Oregon Heritage, a division of the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department. The news editor can be contacted at heritage.info at oregon.gov<mailto:heritage.info at oregon.gov>.

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