[HistoricCemeteries] Heritage Survey & Cemetery Commission Position Papers

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Wed Feb 3 16:29:33 PST 2010

Hi Kuri:
I took the Crystal Lake Cemetery survey to the county last week, and they  
filled out the parts I couldn't do.  Also the director of Natural Areas and  
Parks wanted a chance to go over it.  I think I'm picking it up tomorrow,  
but whether I'm mailing it or the county is, it should go out this week.
I also got a call from Hilary McAlister, who is, I think, supervising the  
Community Services Consortium grant for Claypool Cemetery.  She was very  
pleased to be asked to come tell us about what they have done and will 
continue  to do.  Could you please put her on the agenda?  I told her the  
presentation shouldn't be long, but I wanted to give her more than three  minutes.  
I haven't heard from Pat Dunn yet, so I'll call her this  evening.
Hilary asked me about mapping/surveying the cemetery, and I encouraged her  
to contact you.  I think you probably have some information you could send  
her.  She thinks the cemetery has never been surveyed, and I don't know it  
that is true or not, but a recent survey would be a great addition to the  
historical record.
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