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Hi Liz,


We had GPR Data, LLC out of Eugene, Or due the survey for us. We also thought that the cost would be too much but was very suprised! My contact there was Mike Edwards but I just went to their website: www.gprdata.com and contacted them through there.  We are still waiting on the report back but from what I was told the results were very good. They found many graves and were very respectful working within the cemetery. 

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Could you tell me who did the GPR survey and what kinds of results you found? We have a large number of unmarked graves in Potter's Field as well as many plots in the  cemetery proper lacking markers at Linkville Pioneer Cemetery in Klamath Falls but fear the GPR cost would be prohibitive but still would like to identify the grave plots.  

Hope you will keep us all posted on your progress in future.

Liz Budy
Friends of Linkville Pioneers

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From: Elizabeth Banducci <banducc1 at live.com>
Subject: [HistoricCemeteries] Marker Question
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Date: Monday, June 7, 2010, 5:32 PM

Recently a cemetery I have been working on has been scanned with GPR to find unmarked graves.  We are waiting on the report now but would like to start work on the markers. I was wondering if anyone had some ideas and maybe some photos that I can present to our committee.  Thank you
Elizabeth Banducci
Myrtle Creek Pioneer Cemetery 

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