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Hello!  I recently received the following email about a book that may be a good fit for your summer reading program.  This is not an endorsement, please review your selection policy to make sure it is appropriate for you library.

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Dear Katie Anderson,
I have written a children's book (3rd - 7th grade level) titled WHISKERS' POND, which several regional children's librarians think might be ideal for the "Make a Splash" program this year.
A brief synopsis of WHISKERS' POND:
The inhabitants of a forest pond begin to mysteriously disappear.  The pond elder, a reclusive old catfish named Grumpeter, sends a young frog named Mort on a journey to discover the pond's deadly secret.  Three other frogs join Mort on this long and dangerous quest.  They eventually find out what the threat to the pond is - a villain so powerful that no single creature can defeat it.  Mort tries to unite the animals of the pond to stop the menace, but fails.  Finally Mort and a small band of his friends vow to fight the intruder on their own.  A fierce battle ensues, and all seems lost - until the arrival of an unexpected hero.
I've made presentations in area bookstores and to young readers through regional libraries, with more planned for this summer.  You can read an excerpt from the book at www.danborengasser.com. 
The book has been well received:
"It is hands down one of the best children's books that I have ever encountered." - Dr. Don Kephart, retired biology teacher from Poly High School, Long Beach, CA 
"This is a great discussion book for ages 8 - adult on the value of diversity.  Creatures that are usually enemies must band together to fight a deadly foe.  Recommended for book club groups." - Shirley Fetherolf, Public School Program Advisor, Arkansas Department of Education, Little Rock, AR 
"Dan has created a group of characters who are fun, funny, charming and rightly named to fit their personalities." - Lolly Greenwood, Manager, Youth Services, Fayetteville Public Library, Fayetteville, AR 
"Mort's story is a classic adventure tale of a hero who goes on a quest and returns victorious to save his pond." - Sue Ann Pekel, Children's Librarian, Bentonville Public Library, Bentonville, AR 
"Whiskers' Pond is a wonderful and visual story for children and adults.  All ages should read this book!" - Myra Moran, Trolley Line Books, Rogers, AR 
I have a limited number of copies that I'd be glad to provide at no cost to libraries for possible inclusion in their "Make a Splash" program this year.  All they would have to do is email me to tell me that they're interested.
Best regards,
Dan Borengasser
(479) 236-1411
dborengasser at cox.net
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