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Hello!  Next year the them for the summer reading program will be world travel/culture.  The children's slogan will be "One World, Many Stories".  I just receive the following email about posters from the Peace Corps that may be of interest.  Each poster uses photos from other countries to illustrate a theme like "We All Eat" or "We All Learn". You can view the posters online at: http://www.rpcvmadison.org/weall_resources.php and ordering information is at: http://www.rpcvmadison.org/weall_order.php.

This is not an endorsement, please review posters carefully to determine if they are appropriate for your library.

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Subject: CSLP support materials for OR

As a member of the Collaborative Summer Library Program, you may be interested in a set of we all posters from the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCV) in Madison, WI. These will nicely support your 2011 summer theme of World Culture/World Travel, for all age groups of children to teenagers to adult.

Our first set, published in 2009, displayed basic needs themes of we all dress, eat, work, need a home, and need water. In that first year of our series, we heard from many people about how they are using them:

*         Multicultural teaching aids for pre-school through high school

*         Displays at libraries (perfect for summer reading programs)

*         Teaching aids for EFL and ESL classes, domestic and international

*         Fund-raising opportunities for RPCV groups and schools

We are excited to announce that our second set of posters, generally displaying social needs themes, is now available. Attached is the order form, displaying the images of

*         we all learn

*         we all play

*         we all need friends

*         we all go places

*         we all shop

We invite you to our website, http://rpcvmadison.org/weall_resources.php, to view the free and downloadable teaching resources, which include a story about each photo, with country map and basic data. The site also has detail on how proceeds from all group fund-raising efforts are spent.

Our Madison group has also produced an international calendar for the past 28 years, and that website (http://www.rpcvcalendar.org/) has additional country resources to support your program, such as recipes, adult and children books, music, and movies that focus on the different countries.

The year 2011 is also the 50th anniversary of Peace Corps. We believe most RPCV groups throughout the country will be involved in the celebrations. You are also most welcome to order these items directly from your local group and support their fund-raising projects. To find out who they are, go to http://rpcvcalendar.org/order_local.

Thank you for your interest in these posters. All proceeds benefit international development projects.
Char Thompson
RPCV Chile 1969-1971
2716 Gregory St.
Madison, WI 53711
Home: 608-231-2445
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