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Hi! This went out on libs-or (all types of library staff) yesterday, but I thought you (children's/teen library staff) are probably the more appropriate audience for it.

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Do you have patrons wanting to know more about homeschooling?

The Oregon Home Education Network is the state's first and largest, inclusive, nonprofit, volunteer-run organization, dedicated to the support of all of Oregon's homeschooling families. OHEN offers the following homeschool support services:

* Homeschooling in Oregon:

A free presentation by a panel of 2-3 experienced homeschoolers. This 1.5 hour presentation consists of a general overview of homeschooling in Oregon and an extensive question & answer period. A handout of homeschooling resources will be given to all participants. We are currently scheduling Homeschooling in Oregon sessions for the 2013-2014 school year.

* OHEN Homeschool Resource Guide for $10 (includes shipping) that features:

1. General Information on Homeschooling (4 pages)
2. Legal Information on Homeschooling in Oregon (6 pages)
3. Homeschool Resources (includes websites, books and magazines) (6 pages)
4. Statewide Homeschool Groups (2 pages)
5. Local Homeschool Groups (11 pages)
6. Alternative Education (includes charter schools, correspondence courses, and distance learning) (2-4 pages)
7. Special Needs Resources (includes support groups and information on Privately Developed Plans (PDPs)) (5 pages)
8. Approved List of Homeschool Testers (20 pages)

The OHEN Homeschool Resource Guide comes in a 3-ring binder so that it is easy to update. If you purchase a binder or binders, you can subscribe for free updates.

* E-mail and phone helplines to answer all of the homeschooling questions you or your patrons may have:

Phone: 503-321-5166 (voice mail)

E-mail: info at ohen.org<mailto:info at ohen.org>

* A website full of up-to-date homeschool resources and information: http://www.ohen.org/

We are in the process of adding libraries to our lists of local homeschool resources: http://www.ohen.org/oregon/links.
If your library has special resources or ongoing programs for homeschoolers, we would like to include that information as well.

Please let us know if there is anything that we can do to help you better serve the homeschoolers in your community.
Stephanie Nystrom
OHEN Information Coordinator
webmaster at ohen.org<mailto:webmaster at ohen.org>
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