[kids-lib] 3 week reminder: Surveys: 2013 CSLP Materials, and 2016-17 Slogans and Artist Ideas

Katie Anderson katie.anderson at state.or.us
Thu Dec 26 08:05:15 PST 2013

Posted on behalf of Abbie Anderson, OYAN's Collaborative Summer Library Program Liaison:

Dear Library Folk,

The power lies in your hands! Great power at your fingertips! You--yes, you!--can shape Summer Reading to come, and vent praise and scorn for past Summer Reading resources, with just a few minutes of your time!

And how can I achieve all this, you ask? By following the two links below (one at a time, of course), and giving your answers to a total of 16 questions. A mere nothing to you, but on your words depends the future of Summer Reading! POWER!!! Bwahahahahaaaaaaa!!!

But I digress. The first survey covers the 2013 Summer Reading materials you just put away a few months ago. The second survey lets you suggest slogans and artists for 2016's theme of FITNESS, plus a theme for 2017.

Make Summer Reading sparkle as gloriously as you and your teens do!

Without further ado, here are the links:

2013 Summer Reading Feedback:


2016-17 Summer Reading Suggestions:


Survey responses are due by January 20. I'll send out a reminder as the deadline looms. POWER, I say, POWER!!!

Your own in the Cause,

Abbie Anderson




Abbie Anderson

Assistant Director

North Bend Public Library

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