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Katie Anderson katie.anderson at state.or.us
Thu Dec 26 11:50:52 PST 2013

Posted on behalf of Melissa Shafer, please reply directly to her at kids at bakerlib.org<mailto:kids at bakerlib.org>.
We are about to set-up self check-out at our library and it is bringing up some unforeseen consequences.  I would like to have a feel for what other libraries are doing and how they are handling these kinds of situations.

1.  Are you using self check-out?

2.  How many of you check-out movies at your library?  R-rated?  Non-Rated?
     If so Do you allow children 0-13 years to check-out these materials?
     Can parents restrict access?
     If so how?

3.  How do you make self check-out work while still allowing parents to limit or restrict access to certain materials, such as r-rated/non-rated movies?

Thank you for your time and information![Smile]

Melissa Shafer
kids at bakerlib.org<mailto:kids at bakerlib.org>
Children's Librarian
Baker County Library District
Baker City, Oregon

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