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I just read this Edutopia article by Cathy Knutson, an elementary school librarian, in which she recommends simple Internet research as a way to prevent the summer slide in students. Here are some highlights:

*         The word "research" sounds so intimidating because many parents remember their own tortured experiences with research papers when they were in school. But in this digital age, most of us research everyday without even realizing it.

*         We should apply the following evaluation of our search results:

     *   Does this website answer my specific question?
     *   How do a variety of websites answer the same question? (We are comparing and contrasting without the Venn diagram!)
     *   Are all web resources equal and accurate, and if not, how can I tell?

*         The ability for children to ask and answer their own questions is one of the most fundamental learning objectives for life. This informal research, with children seeking to answer their own questions, is engaging, motivating and empowering. A cyclic pattern of research is established -- curiosity leading to research and back again to curiosity and follow-up questions.

Knutson then suggests some ways for parents to engage students in summer research and offers safety and search tips. I could see this as a summer reading activity promoted and modeled by public library staff.


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