[kids-lib] YALSA's Position Paper "The Library's Role in Protecting Teens' Privacy"

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Sat Feb 4 09:58:03 PST 2017

During ALA Midwinter, YALSA adopted a new position paper, "The Library's
Role in Protecting Teens' Privacy", written by Mary K. Chelton. I thought
this might be of interest to everyone.

As the abstract states, "the FBI has proposed as set of guidelines for
surveilling Internet use by at-risk students in secondary schools, in an
attempt to prevent recruitment of youth in the United States by terrorist
organizations on the Internet... the guidelines contradict the role of
school librarians and staff in supporting the critical thinking and inquiry
activities of 21st century learners."

The paper highlights some actions that we can take to help protect teens'

"In order protect the privacy rights of teens, library staff should

   - Refresh their knowledge of key documents, like the *Intellectual
   Freedom Manual and 21st Century Learner Standards*
   - Report challenges or violations of teens’ privacy to ALA’s Office for
   Intellectual Freedom via this online form: http://www.ala.org/tools/
   - Embed educating teens and their parents and caregivers about their
   rights into library services and programming
   - Keep up to date on privacy and surveillance issues through resources
   such as ALA’s District Dispatch and the YALSAblog
   - Seek out training on topics including but not limited to: privacy,
   students’ rights, libraries’ role in intellectual freedom, and how to
   leverage technology tools that protect privacy
   - Participate in events such as the ALA Office for Intellectual
   Freedom’s Choose Privacy Week, https://chooseprivacyweek.org/
   - Take advantage of technology that protects library patrons’ privacy
   - Make a commitment to reach out to and serve at-risk youth in the
   community and address their needs, whatever they may be
   - Identify and work with community partners who are also committed to
   protecting teens’ rights"

All the best,

Danielle Jones
*Oregon Library Association ALA Chapter Councilor*
*Teen and youth librarian at Multnomah County Library*
*My pronouns are she, her, hers*
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