[kids-lib] Summer OYAN Review call for articles (by 7/7)

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Fri May 24 06:42:26 PDT 2019

Hi everyone!

Memorial Day weekend is just about here, which means summer is just about
here, which means that we're looking for articles for the summer edition of
the OYAN Review
(Yes, it does feel like we just published the spring edition, doesn't it?
The content machine needs constant feeding!)

As always, if you've been doing something interesting for teens in your
community, we want to share that with the world. It might be a partnership
with your local school district that you're concluding, a brand-new model
for your summer library program that you're unveiling, a way that you're
working with your local Summer Meals program, a teen event that went really
well, or a space redesign you've finished. Or something totally different!
Maybe you've also tried something and it crashed and burned but you learned
some great lessons from it. Or maybe your teens have reviewed some books
recently and they'd like to see their review go out to a bigger audience.

Please send articles to oyanpublications at gmail.com. Articles can be
anywhere from 300-1000 words or so, but we're flexible. We're also happy to
help you turn an idea into a finished piece, so if you don't feel like
you're a great writer or if the piece just isn't coming together, get in
touch. Please include photos when you can!

The deadline for submission is July 7th.



*OYAN Publications Team*
Gretchen Kolderup, St. Helens Public Library (OYAN Review)
Susan K. Davis (Facebook)
Katie Anderson (Blog)
Keli Yeats, Multnomah County Library (Goodreads)
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