[kids-lib] Idea to support families during the break

Korie Jones Buerkle korie.buerkle at newbergoregon.gov
Fri Mar 13 06:46:35 PDT 2020

Hello friends & colleagues,
Since Oregon schools will be closed Monday through the end of the month (https://www.opb.org/news/article/kate-brown-orders-oregon-schools-to-close-coronavirus/) and our library children's programs have been suspended for the next month, I've been thinking about how we can still support families, as I'm sure you have.

I've got an idea, and if you've got one you feel comfortable sharing I'm sure we could all benefit, please share!

I'm planning to post an Early Literacy idea and a Literacy idea (together) on Facebook every day of the break at 8 a.m. (Instagram too, but Facebook allows me to schedule posts ahead of time). Families who complete the idea can post "done" in the comments every day (2 kids=enter done x2)  to be entered in a drawing for a gift certificate to the local small business of their choice at the beginning of April. 

I'll be working on coming up with a list of ideas. If you would like to share your ideas for early literacy or literacy ideas I'm sure the whole group could benefit from that too. We are definitely better together! An idea would be something like "Early Literacy Idea: Use your body to spell out the letters of your first name. Literacy idea: Do a scavenger hunt in your home to find objects for every letter of your name. Place the objects in the order of your name (and then please put them away)."   

If you would like me to email you the list of ideas once they are done, please send an email to just me at korie.buerkle at newbergoregon and I'll get a list sent out to you before Monday. 

Take care, Korie

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