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Hi folks,

I wanted to make sure everyone saw the below email from Debbie Reese on the
ALSC listserv.

I was on the Middle Grade Best Books panel for SLJ this past year, and
consequently contributed to *The Brave*'s inclusion on their list. The now
myriad reviews of *Brave* are very detailed and thoughtful, and I would
encourage everyone to take the time to read them. We're always learning,
but it's also important to own our mistakes and biases. Feel free to email
me with questions or concerns. There's definitely work being done at SLJ
regarding *The Brave *and I've talked with (my) editor about it, but I'm
not privy to the publication's inner workings. *I want to state clearly
that this email is from me and me alone as a reviewer/committee member, not

"Good afternoon,

*The Brave *by James Bird got starred reviews from some children's review
journals and was placed on "Best Of 2020" lists.

However, it received a negative review from *The New York Times *book
reviewer, David Treuer, who is Ojibwe. It also
received a negative review from *The Circle*, which is a Native newspaper
in Minneapolis.

I reviewed it and subsequently was pleased that two Ojibwe women submitted
their reviews for posting on
American Indians in Children's Literature. Please read and share the
reviews, especially if teachers in your school
plan to use the book. If there are Ojibwe children in their classrooms, the
book will be problematic for them. For
others, it will misinform them about Ojibwe people, places, and culture.

You can start with Allie Tibbetts review (linked here). At the top of that
review are links to mine and one by an
Ojibwe educator. In mine are links to the NYT and Circle articles.

If you wish to share this email, there is no need to ask my permission,
first. Just do it.

Thank you,
Debbie Reese


Debbie Reese, Ph.D.
Tribally enrolled: Nambé Pueblo
Tewa Name: P'oesay P'oekwîn
Founder: American Indians in Children's Literature
Twitter: debreese"


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