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Keli Yeats keliy at multcolib.org
Wed Feb 17 15:55:00 PST 2021

*Please pardon any cross-posting*

With the OLA conference drawing near, it is time to celebrate excellence in
teen services. With the challenging year we've had and the way you and your
libraries have risen to the occasion, there is no shortage of worthy
recipients. To that end, we are soliciting nominations for the OYEA! award
which will be presented at the OYAN reception during the OLA conference. As
the 2020 conference was cancelled, this year we will have a double award
with last year's and this year's winner being presented with the award!

Please take some time to nominate an individual, library, organization,
program or initiative that has made a positive and significant contribution
to teens in libraries in the state of Oregon.

The eligibility requirements are as follows:


   The individual, library, organization, or initiative must reside or
   operate primarily in Oregon.

   Only living persons are eligible for the award.

   If the nominee is a person, they do not need to be an active member of

   If a program or initiative is nominated, it must have occured within the
   previous or current nomination year.

**Preference will given to nominees that are supported by a letter of
recommendation by a teen**

The deadline is Friday, March 26th, 2021.

Submit the following information for your nomination:


   The nominee’s name and/or program title.

   Contact information for the nominee.

   Description of nominee’s positive and significant contributions to teens
   in libraries in the state of Oregon.

   Any supporting materials.

Nominations can be sent:

Via mail:

Keli Yeats

Rockwood Library

17917 SE Stark St.

Portland, OR 97233

Via email:

oyan at olaweb.org

More information can be found on the OYAN website
by emailing oyan at olaweb.org

Keli Yeats, Teen Librarian
(prefered pronouns: she, her, hers/
they, them, theirs)

Rockwood Library
Sun     11:05-5:05
Mon     11:05-8:05
Wed     9:05-6:05
Thu      9:05-6:05

*Land Acknowledgement Multnomah County rests on the stolen lands of the
Multnomah, Kathlamet, and Clackamas Bands of Chinook Indian Nation;
Tualatin Kalapuya; Molalla; and many others along the Columbia River. This
country is built on stolen Indigenous land and built by stolen African
people. This land was not stolen and people were not enslaved by ambiguous
entities and actors. The land was stolen by, and African peoples were
enslaved by white settlers who had government support. We also want to
honor the members of over 400 tribal communities who live in Multnomah
County. Many of these People and their cultures still survive and resist
despite the intentional and ongoing attempts to destroy them.* *Take a
moment to acknowledge the history of how we are here in this place and to
honor the People. [Credit to Dr. Aileen Duldulao and Heather Heater]*
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